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  1. Aces by 7+ After their showing against Ft. Campbell and other great teams, I have no doubt that this team will win.
  2. 1. St. Xavier 2. Trinity 3. Newport Central Catholic 4. Owensboro Catholic 5. Bardstown TB: 46
  3. Congrats to Belfry for the win and go get Russell this Friday.
  4. Newport Central Catholic St. Xavier Trinity Highlands 146
  5. Theres also some others such as Whitesburg too, because this draft is a couple of years old.
  6. There is a lot of 4-team districts in the draft. They should edit that in someway, pending if it ever becomes finalized in the future.
  7. Just playing @ home gives teams an extra boost of energy and excitement. Just the pride and determination of not letting anyone come into your house and leaving with a W helps out too.
  8. It sounds like this is just an example situation or something, I guess. But I may be wrong.
  9. As for the game, it doesn't matter what is said here. The only thing that does matter is what is done on Friday night. Whoever comes out with the most heart will win.
  10. As for Leslie's team being too cocky. How do posts by 3 Leslie County fans portray the cockiness of the entire Leslie football team. Whether or not these inviduals play football for Leslie County or just happen to be a fan of the program, IMHO, it does not decide if the team is "big-headed" as others have put it.
  11. It sounds like this thread has turned into a Leslie-Belfry thread. :lol:
  12. Saint Xavier Louisville Trinity Newport Central Catholic Beechwood 162
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