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  1. I am huge AU fan and the only game(s) AU sells out (or for that matter even comes close to) is the Alabama game and UK.....and UK only happens once every 2 years. I loved going to games when I lived in Alabama. It is hard to go when you have a certain football team playing a somewhat important game at the same time. AU of course is a football school. And yes that is Auburn Arena, just opened this year and is a pretty nice arena for Auburn. Holds around 12k....I would be shocked if they ever sale out....even when UK comes to town! War Eagle!
  2. With Stenzel, Clark will win by 10, without him.....could be a toss up. Anyway, Clark by 5.
  3. GRC will struggle in this one with the travel and Christian County the night before.....I still say Clark by 15
  4. See I told you it wouldn't fit
  5. I remember when Duke and IU (Bob Knight era) played in Rupp in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament and I went for IU at Rupp. I don't hate Duke, I dislike them. I have a ton of respect for them though
  6. If GRC can hold back the penalties and put together 2 halves, GRC will pull it out. Campbell has a great team and should be the best matchup in 6A. Always a great game when the 2 Region rivals get together no matter what the sport! I am going with GRC. GRC 49 Campbell 42
  7. Agree to disagree then. I don't want a low scoring game...UK's defense just isn't strong enough to stop UF in my opinion. BTW go Canes!
  8. If UK can keep the game in the 40's...UK has a chance, if UF keeps UK in 20's, UF win. With that said, UF 34-UK 28
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