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  1. I believe your #2 will be hard to chew as Coach Baldwin matures into a head coach. There will be crow on the menu if you are interested. Get at me in a couple of years and heck, ill even bake it up for you.
  2. From my understanding from talking to coaches in the district, Hampton was hired, went home to vanceburg, told his kids and the school he was leaving, then was called by the greenup co. principal who had just hired him and was told that because they were friends, he had to tell him that it wouldnt be in his best interests to come. Im sure he told him this due to the pending legal problems and what may happen if hicks comes out on top of this and is reinstated, leaving hampton with nowhere to go. Trust, I think Hampton wanted this job and I dont think it was his change of heart that caused this
  3. Corey Smith and Chamberflow (check them out on myspace, local band from Louisville)
  4. The best P2P is limewire. Quick and efficient.... Finals tomm? Geez, we got another week til we face that demon...
  5. Interestingly enough, one of my friends was a dinner guest of his a couple of months ago. I tried to explain to this fellow what kind of guy he was, and, he defended him, telling me he was an upstanding gentleman. Guess who wins now...
  6. I dont know about the facilities comment. Sonny Allen is one of the nicest venues in the OVC. Its need renovating, but no changes to the park.
  7. I would have to say at this point that Mitchell is one of the front runners....
  8. Burge played tremendously last night. He got a little excited there towards the end, but all in all was the MVP. Another thing, East Carter has some young guns getting alot of minutes. Kyle Bair (sp) and Tyler Jackson along the amazing athleticism of drew johnson will be a nice little 1-2-3 punch next year. Also add Colt Barnhill who is growing every day... I cant wait.
  9. Ricky P knows when its time for his players to enter the draft, a.k.a. Francisco Garcia
  10. I definitely see them all coming back. I dont believe that anyone has made a big enough splash this year to see themselves legitamately getting drafted.
  11. Most ppl still hatin' on my Cards. I see them extending the streak. Louisville by 8.
  12. Still noone has pondered my question. You are telling me that the committee, if UL won the tournament, would put the Big East Tourney Champ, at a 6,7,8or 9 seed. Now this is just hypothetical, but I highly doubt seeing them doing so if they would continue their hot streak into the tourney and win it.
  13. So what everyone is telling me, if they win the Big East, there is still no chance of a 3 seed? You all are crazy. If Louisville continues to play at the momentum theyve been capable of all year, and the rest of the Big East (minus WVU and Notre Dame) contiunes to slack off, Louisville has a real shot at the conference tourney. This is the part of the year that they pay Pitino the big bucks for.
  14. Wow, the majority is really hating on the Cards? Still mad about Pitino? Its been years now guys, lets work through it. Moving on, there is NO WAY the Cards will lose 3 more games in the regular season. 2 at the most, but I dont even see this happening. Ive taken off my red shaded glasses and am talking on basketball knowledge. If they win out, the 3 seed is extremely possible, if they lost one or two... the 4 or 5 comes into play. Lets just watch it play out and see who was wrong in the end.
  15. What are you all freaking out about? Padgett is not the team and anyone who has been watching out all year know that. Providence? Depaul? Miami? He didnt show up for any of these games and the cards still won. Plus with Character back and looking to step up, I see him showing why he was so highly touted coming in. IF Character stays out foul trouble, Cards by 5.
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