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  1. Wow! What a game. Nothing is a given in life. This was a tough loss for RH. We were in the lead and should have won it, but Hazard had other plans. What a come-back for them. They are a very well-coached team and got the momentem on their side. RH has been on the other side. We weren't even supposed to be at this tournament. On a side note, Tony Arthur wore the #50 tonight in honor of David Garnes. David would have been a senior this year and was best friends with Tony. What an awesome young man he is. He was very emotional before the game. I am very proud of my Royals!
  2. Heard from the Moss Point coaches and players that MP is actually the number two team in Mississippi in this week's rankings. Good game Royals :thumb:
  3. How many years at a school before you are considered homegrown? Coach needs to quit listening to certain parents complain about playing time. It's beginning to get old.
  4. :lol: That would make too much sense! I don't care how great a defender you are, you have to score 1 more than the other team to win a ball game. Seems to me Coach Fraley needs a new game plan.
  5. "BTW...how come we never hear anything about Rose Hill Academic Teams? How well do their Academic teams do in Competition?" Rose Hill had one Academic team last year and 5 of the 8 team members won their district and went on to Regionals. That's a pretty good percentage if you ask me considering these students aren't taught specific topics and strategies during the day by their teachers as the public schools do. The overall test scores for RH students are quite amazing. We have numerous students qualifying for the Duke Talent Search each year and many students have such high ACT co
  6. You could get the boys together for a practice or two? Just a thought.
  7. Yes, that is were they plan on playing the event this year. It is a very nice course. It is very hilly and tough to walk. Also quite long. Great course!:thumb:
  8. Some kids that are held back, for whatever reason, don't play at their "grade level", they play "up". If you are holding your child back to simply dominate kids younger than your child, then you have a problem. Some boys simply physically mature later and will not be ready to go off to college at the age of 17 or even 18. Girls, on the other hand, tend to mature sooner than boys. Last time I checked it is 100% legal with the KHSAA By-laws. Apparently there is a good reason for that.
  9. Well actually, it lacks the whole sour grapes genre that seems so popular these days... :p
  10. Rose Hill guts out another victory over a quality Louisville Central team. Leading scorers for both teams were: For RH: Euton 18 pts/9 reb Jackson 14 pts/14 reb Fuller 11 pts For Central: Skeens 16 pts/8 reb Unseld 13 pts The Royals are 2-1 in the K.O.B. and 5-1 overall. :thumb: They play Louisville Doss Tuesday at 4:30.
  11. I think Laura Terry is #1. She had an amazing year last year. She finally came out from the shadows. Her shooting % should be listed with all of those stats. Definitely #1! Glad to see RH having 3 of the top 5. Good luck girls!
  12. I know I speak for many at Rose Hill when I say that Kyle Bair will be greatly missed. He was a very important part of our basketball and baseball programs, but he was an even bigger part of our RH "family". He will always be family to me and I will cheer him on whereever he plays.
  13. Rose Hill is probably the only school in the region that actually does allow 6th graders to play on the high school team.
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