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  1. Ditto, ditto, ditto. He's not only a super basketball player, but he's a great kid from a wonderful family. Way to go, Robbie!
  2. Congratulations, Robbie! What an outstanding young man and athlete. You and your fine family are an asset to Clark County.
  3. Congratulations, Cardinals! Keep showing the state of Kentucky and national tv audiences what a great team you are. Not bad defense, either...holding the great Notre Dame to about 42% shooting tonight. T Will was a beast tonight! I'll take a 14-point win anyday, especially over another Big East team. Go Cards!
  4. Most of the time that's true. But, the refs didn't have a problem with it when Patrick Sparks walked, stepped on the out of bounds line (no foul called), and took a last second three point shot when UK played UL in Freedom Hall. The refs called Myles for a foul on Sparks and the crowd stood and watched Sparks take 3 free throws to beat UL.
  5. Cameron Hall had 20, don't know about the rest of the stats.
  6. There's also the General George Patton Museum located at Fort Knox. Located on 31W (Dixie Hwy) just north of the Gold Vault and the newest Kentucky Veterans Cemetery, this museum is also accessible to the public without going through checkpoints. Originally dedicated by Patton's wife in 1949, the museum was remodeled and enlarged in 1992. On the inside it contains WWI, WW2, and Post War Galleries, gift shop and the largest collection of Patton artifacts in the world. Outside are located armor and artillery displays, Armor Memorial Park and Keyes Park. It's a great place for field trips, group trips, or people who are just military history buffs. Hosting over 125,000 visitors a year, the Patton Museum is one of the largest in the entire Army's museum system. It's well worth a day's drive to take the family for a visit. Kids love to perch on the military vehicles for photo ops.
  7. Don't forget the Gold Vault at Ft. Knox.
  8. So glad to see the discussion of Ft. Knox and Ft. Campbell schools' football programs. A lot of the younger students and players on our message boards aren't familiar with our big military posts and their high schools. Since I live here, I know more about Ft. Knox than Campbell. Ft. Knox covers over 109,000 acres (170+ sq. mi.) spread across three counties and is Kentucky's 7th largest urban community. One town, Muldraugh, is completely encircled by the reservation. Its census shows 23,000 soldiers and families with a day-time population of over 33,000 (cilivian workers, etc.) M-F. And, of course, with the new BRAC realignment, many more families are soon expected. The construction crews are practically working night and day to get new housing ready on post, including a new, state-of-the-art, $16M Ft. Knox High School to be completed in May 2009. Also, the surrounding communities are building new homes and new schools, especially in Hardin County, anticipating the added growth. I have a lot of friends associated now and formerly with the Fort Knox program. So, it'd be great to see them rise again to their fame of yore. Go Eagles!
  9. Good points. But, I wonder why Rick Warren, pastor of the megachurch, Saddleback, in California, didn't receive such attacks and criticism from the media when he hosted the presidential debate in a so-called civil forum last month. Some publications describe Saddleback also as a nondenominational, evangelical church because its attendees are from various faiths and backgrounds. I just wondered why Palin's nondenominational, Bible church was held to such scrutiny, while Warren's was not.
  10. Amen. You just made an A+ on your first exam in my NT Survey 102 class!
  11. While some families still like to live off base, there are many who choose to remain on post and occupy the beautiful new "subdivision type housing" at Fort Knox instead of the old quarters of which many have been or are in the process of being torn down. With the BRAC realignment even more families will soon be moved to Ft. Knox and the student population of Ft. Knox DOD school system should greatly expand once again. However, I believe that the waning of Ft. Knox football began with the loss of Coach Joe Jaggers to the neighboring North Hardin High School in Radcliff. Joe had his pick of talent in this large high school of about 2200 students. And he knew what to do with it. Coach Jaggers is a member of the KHSAA Sports Hall of Fame and was a highly successful football coach of winning programs at different schools throughout the state. His Trigg County teams won back-to-back Class A titles in '71 and '72; at Fort Knox his teams won Class AA championships in '83, '88, and '90 and were runners-up in '84. His teams were regional champions 12 times. And he had two sons who were fantastic football players: Marty is coaching in Harrodsburg and the younger Crad is in his first year as coach of North Hardin where, incidentally, I read that he won his first game, knocking off Shelby County. I'd like to see Ft. Knox become competitive once again, but it's going to be hard to replace an icon like Joe Jaggers. Maybe this new coaching staff will be a good beginning.
  12. Central Hardin is one of three high schools in the Hardin County School District. It has an enrollment of about 1800 students and, even though it is listed with a Cecilia, Ky address, it is situated only a couple of miles west of Elizabethtown.
  13. Way to go, Brohm. You make us all very proud. Now, show Green Bay what ya' got.
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