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  1. Senior Catcher Jeremy Barr signs with Pikeville College. Congratulation and good luck in the next fore years. Your number one fan.:dancingpa
  2. thats the score 34 to 0 it was 15 to 0 in the 2nd ining. greenup looks real good.
  3. Barr is in Greenup. and he is looking realy good. and has a very good bat, and fast on the bases. need to look at this one.
  4. Barr is in Green and looking good. He is a good fill in for Logan. He is in the best shape ever and working hard for the spot as catcher. keep up the good work and good Luck your number 1 Fan.:dancingpa
  5. I need to name a catcher from Raceland High School. Jeremy Barr who is a beast behind the plate, has a cannon for an arm and has a great bat. Keep your eye on him.
  6. I am very proud of our Raceland football team. Win or not, you are all winners to me. You should be very proud of how far you came. :clap:
  7. Does anyone know if there will be a webcast for this game?:idunno:
  8. :dancingpaCongrats Rams on YOUR BIG WIN:dancingpa:ylsuper::clap::notworthy::banana::dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa:jump:
  9. Sorry to hear your health is not up to par. I hope you are better real soon. Go RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!:banana::ylsuper:
  10. Will anyone be giving updates on the game? GO RAMS!!!!!!:ylsuper:
  11. Congratulations Rams!!:ylsuper: :dancingpa :clap:
  12. GO RAMS!!!! Nice touchdown Bobby!!! Happy Birthday oldrambler........I hope your birthday wish comes true.:dancingpa:banana::clap::clap::ylsuper:
  13. Thank you Ram Fan04. I am here awaiting your next update.:thumb:
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