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  1. I say these two coaches shock the world and hold the ball. Could this be a reply of the HHS ND regional game?
  2. Why is it a tie? Isn't Holy Cross and Beechwood both division 2? Both teams beat the cru that would give them 2 loses in conference. Sorry to give BGH more bragging rights if I'm correct. Congrats to both teams on great seasons good luck in postseason.
  3. Google Vance Sullivan, News, and check out the detailed account by Courthhouse News. Wow!!
  4. I know this Louisville fan would love to see her playing for the Cards in 2011!
  5. I always thought that you could leave when ball is released if you are on the lane, besides shooter and if you are behind the three point line you have to wait until it hits the rim.
  6. When clock stopped at 14.7 the officals used stopwatch to determine how much time clock was stopped and took it off clock after the fact. Wrong, in my opinion. If they are saying 1.2 seconds didn't go off clock who knows what happens at end. Instead of shooting layup kid might pull up an shoots a short jumper,ect... Terrible, terrible ending..
  7. Great 2nd half adjustment by birds putting big ole 69 at D-tackle and 53 over nose. Took away the off tackle play in the second half. Entertaining game.
  8. Did he get that in Fort Thomas? I've seen one like that in my neighborhood this fall......
  9. I think once everyone attends the games in BG they will be impressed. Great facility for HS football. From NKY and would rather go to BG than Richmond due to facilities.
  10. tdyballgame=voice of reason :thumb: Couldn't agree with you more. Freshman have no business playing in JV games unless they are needed due to injury or they have played JV and not Frosh all year. As impressed as I am with Dale and the results he has on the field this I don't get. :idunno:
  11. I can tell what didn't stand out........the Music played between plays, at time outs ect...I have never been to a game where "girls just want to have fun" is played after HHS sacks the QB. Time to bag the music.
  12. Tibbs from Scott can't be overlooked. Might have the most upside of any player.
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