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  1. Catholic #8 this is a joke right. Catholic would kill McLean, Metcalfe, Russelville never wanted to scrimmage Catholic again. Not sure about Paducah either.
  2. Then I have to nominate John Edge at Catholic. He has been a head coach for 3 years and has won. 2 State Runners-Up and 3 Semi-States. The only thing he doesn't have on these guys is a title. This year has a tough schedule. Some think their teams have a tough schedule, but Look at this: Evansville Reitz IN 5-0 (5-A) Ranked #2 in IN Owensboro 5-0 (5-A) Ranked #4 South Spencer IN 3-2 (2-A) Ranked 10 in 2-A IN Apollo 2-2 (6-A) Hancock Co. 1-3 (2-A) Todd Co. 1-3 (2-A) Warren East 5-0 (4-A) Ranked #3 in 4-A Ft. Campbell 3-2 (2-A) Ranked #7 in 2-A ( I think) Madisonville 4-1 (6-A) Daviess Co. 3-2 (6-A)
  3. Russell has a great coach. I remeber the year he beat Catholic. Look up the schedule to see how tough it was. Total combined record for all schools they have played is 4-15. Two of those schools are winless. I also looked up some other teams and their record might be 5-0 but is was against not so good competition. Catholic is 3-2 but the two teams they got beat by Evansville Reitz 5-A in IN is 5-0 and ranked #2 and Catholic got beat by Owensboro 5-A #4 in KY. After that they beat a South Spencer team 3-2 Apollo 2-2 and Hancock 1-3.
  4. Yeah that's why I said they have a hard time outscoring good teams, we are not a good team yet! LOL!
  5. I hope corbin wins i've been a fan since we played there in 2004. Great fans and tough football players.
  6. Joe Prince is not a good offensive coach. He has really good athletes at OHS but his play calling is something to be desired. OHS scores alot on special teams and defensive turn overs. Take care of the ball and they have a hard time outscoring good teams.
  7. Catholic should had at least 40pts. I will say this I wouldnt call scoring on your first drive the last 4 games coming slow out the gate I think they come out fast and put it on cruise to much. Edge will fix it. He always does and then playoff time both sides of the ball will be playing as great. I have to give some big kudos to their D-Cordinator Coach Huff :thumb: . Last year everyone wanted him dead, now he has the defense playing aggressive and not giving up the big play. When Walker finally gets 100% he will create some problems for teams.
  8. Not busting everyone's bubble. From top to bottom of schedules Catholic has a better overall schedule then any of the teams in the top 10. They have won against good opponents and they have lost to even better opponents. Placing them #5 is a joke, but I guess Catholic will have to show eveyone in week 8 when Ft.Campbell comes to Owensboro Catholic. I think Trigg should remain up there. Mayfield is Mayfield.Ft.Campbell or Catholic will knock one or the other off the top 3 after week 8.:thumb:
  9. DOWN? Hell they scrimmaged Bowling Green to 35-21 game and played Evansville Reitz and got beat 40-6. Hell if OHS played a good early schedule like Catholic does then I think you would say OHS is down a bit this year. Who did OHS scrimmage? Does anyone know? I just know that they played a Memorial team that was not good.
  10. OHS would of been beat by Reitz. So would of Apollo and Daviess County.
  11. I know why... Catholic had this game scheduled before the bowl game originated from the 4 coaches in Owensboro. The game fell in the right time. OHS had to drop Mater Dei because of the KY schedules moving up a week. So OHS had to find an opponent it was Memorial. Reitz will play OHS next year and Memorial plays OCHS next year. I did not go to the OHS game, but someone told me they went to the game and was not impressed with OHS. They believed the same outcome would of happened to OHS as it happened to OCHS.
  12. Catholic dropping and Ft. Campbell not is unreal. The Reitz team would of beat Ft. Campbell and Graves Co. by 40pts. Don't forget this team is #2 in 4-A in Indiana
  13. I watched the game and I have got to tell you I did not see nearly half the Catholic plays they run I saw them run maybe 6 plays the whole night. Mayber they were holding something back or just breaking in their 3rd QB this season. I don't know,but Catholic looked like they could run the ball at will against BG. IF this is the case I think BG will see lopsided scores against Boyle and Trinity. Unfortunately it won't be in the favor of BG. Don't get me wrong though BG will be good, but not the BG of old. A final note BG offense came ready to play and will have to carry this team this whole season.
  14. This is exactly what Catholic wants someone good. Not a slappy. I am so glad Edge beefed up the schedule and made it hard. This game will help Catholic later in the playoffs.
  15. True but there defense wasn't real great last year. It will have to improve a bunch to make up for the lack of offense that I forsee them having.
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