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  1. The Kentucky Colonels are in Notre Dame this weekend playing in a tourney. They have written Mo on their caps in his memory. They found out on the way to their second game. A lot of good words being said about Tom here in South Bend. He has been a good influence on many of these kids.
  2. Congrats to the Tigers! Bring that state championship to N. KY!:dancingpa
  3. All of us Bluebirds are sending well wishes and prayers Buddy's way! The Sawyer family is a great one. We enjoyed meeting them last summer in summer ball and can't wait til they are back with their state championship so they can be back with the Colonel Family. Best to you and the family!
  4. Sorry, forgot about that. Does anyone know if they got the game in before the gigantic storm.
  5. Did they get to play tonight?
  6. Congrats Beechwood!!! The Birds are rooting for you!
  7. Can't you just ever post happy thoughts. They won the game by 16!
  8. They had three seniors all good kids but none of them were team players. That team lost the ball more trying to play one on one more than any HHS team I have ever seen. Again, they were all nice players but could not get it going. The leadership was not there. ONe of those seniors showed no respect for the underclassment at all, treated them badly, and thus couldn't get the team to gel. This years seniors welcome the play of McGraw and Simpson, they understand they need the entire team playing their roles to get to the next level.
  9. OldCat, I don't think I could say it any better than you! Nice post! And go Birds Beat Cov Cath!!!!:dancingpa
  10. Gryche - just a friendly fyi: Smith doesn't come off the bench. He is a starter for the Birds. Vories, Johnson, Guidugli, Smith, and Simpson. He began the season as a starter until a bad ankle injury at Bourbon County and regained that starting position about mid February.
  11. I do recall HHS beating Cov Cath on a Friday night in January and then coming back and beating NCC the next night. Could that be a repeat performance this weekend. Oh and by the way both of those were away games against major crowds. Birds have been there and done that!
  12. Ok, are you done trashing my post. I think a lot can be said for senior leadership. This is the first time HHS has had good senior leadership in over three years. Last year they had no seniors, two years ago they had three seniors but only one of them was a true team player. I think that is the difference for this HHS team. 22-7 this year vs 7-19 or something last year with no difference in personnel or coaching. So I will give HHS the nod for that. And that is my opinion, whether you like it or not.
  13. I think that could be the difference in this game is the will of these seniors. Ben G. will be the leader he needs to be in getting them motivated. Jeff, Greg, Tanner, Michael, and Chad want to make that trip to Lexington in a week and they know that it goes through Cov Cath and either Dixie or NCC. I don't think there will be any lack of focus on their part.
  14. Someone has to get on here and say that the bluebirds will be ready for Cov Cath.
  15. Another good night of team scoring for the Birds - Vories, Johnson, Smith all in double figures. Guidugli, Hudy, McGraw, Simpson, Eaton all score too. The press helped the Birds to the big 2nd quarter lead. Great defense Birds. Rest up and get ready for the game of your life on Friday and let's make it two in a row over Cov Cath:dancingpa
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