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  1. What has happen to Madison Central I expected more this season. I see LC by 14
  2. Well i know that Estill has been on a great path at the end of the season but i could see emotions running high for powell county. But i still see Estill getting the win 24-16. Good luck Engineers
  3. 2005 Estill Co. (0-10) 2006 Estill Co. (1-7) Which team is better, more talented? What are the biggest differences you see in these teams? Which team has the harder schedule?
  4. No it's boys basketball. You have to live in Estill County to understand it. It doesn't matter what the record is it still gets most of the support.
  5. There's nothing the coaches can do, it's just the kids, it's a basketball community.
  6. Over there last three years there is only 2 teams in Estill's district that they haven't beat, and their name is not russell. It's Fleming County and East Carter, East by 20+
  7. 6 Turnovers for Estill in the first half 3 fumbles on the first 3 kickoffs.
  8. Tall Trees what is your deal with Jones. He seems like he's a good coach to me, everyone except the ELITE powers in high school football have their ups and downs. So he's been down the last two years and maybe this year, you can say that about a lot of places. Even the 2a power Breathitt County has had some off years lately.
  9. jdg you're right it's basically the exact opposite of what you've seen from estill in the past. Lots of folks like to call it Mumme Ball.
  10. Engineers score as the clock runs out on a four yard pass from Ryan Boian to Todd Harrison. The final score Letcher Central 48 Estill County 6.
  11. Letcher Central 80 Yard Touchdown pass from Brock to Chase Adams. 48-0 Letcher Central with at the end of the third quarter. Continuous clock for the rest of the game.
  12. Letcher Central has had over 100 yards in penalties, only halfway through the third quarter, although they still lead 34-0.
  13. Letcher Central led 34-0 at half, i believe Estill County only had 4 first downs in the first half. It rained a little before the game, and the field is soaked.
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