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  1. If anyone from ashland or anyone else in the 16th is interested in what a real student section is like make the 15 minute drive to the East Carter Lady Raiders game against boyd co. monday night December 11th at 7:30 and if you can't make it to that one then our boys play Tuesday night at home at 7:30 as well Hope to see you soon
  2. to inform you the co-leaders of the EC pep club is myself DCarper and my esteemed colleague DRoseberry. This is not an elected position this is a self implied position and just ask anyone who was at the elliott county east carter game on monday night just how the loud the Raider Rowdy's get
  3. Burge was fouled on a push-off from ethan faulkner when he hit what would be the game winning shot, and tommy dearfield was harassed when he was trying to put a game tieing shot and the refs didn't have the guts to call either foul
  4. Ma'am I inform you that you are sadly mistaken and when East Carter comes to Ashland, beats you unmercifully, and sing our song on your court you shall then know who is the best student section in our grand 16th region... Thank you.
  5. What about the 2 fouls in the last 15 seconds that were NOT called?
  6. Which school has the best student section in the 16th region?
  7. Does anyone have any information on the 2006 All EKC Teams?
  8. This is in my mind could be one of the best potenital matchups i've seen in a long time. From Russell you have arguebly one of the best running backs in the state in Kasey Clark, and from Mercer you have a team that puts up around 55 points and rushes for over 400 yards per game.
  9. why are they playing the championship games on thursday and friday?
  10. It's simple for the raiders win and you're in. who wins this matchup and why?
  11. Battle for the Barrels who wins and why
  12. East Carter's homecoming this friday night does Fleming ruin it for them?
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