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  1. Couldn't agree more. Wayne should have been the man from the get-go. Great person who knows his football and more importantly is in the profession so that he may help young people. These young men will benefit greatly from having Coach Stevens as there man. Good luck Coach!!!
  2. Prayers for the young men and their families.
  3. Jim Tom Allen is the perfect choice to lead Paintsville into the future and more importantly, take the program to the next level. Given time he will have Paintsville at the top of class A. GOOD LUCK BUDDY! Coacher
  4. If this is true about the job going to him, I am glad "Bubba" is getting a shot.....you are right, he will absolutely do things the right way, from the feeder program up. I look for big things from this program in the future if they give him the support he deserves. Good luck Coach Combs!
  5. It starts at the top. If the administration doesn't decide to support football then it is nearly impossible to move forward. Sure some teams with suspect support come through with a great group of athletes once every ten years and overcome those obstacles but this is not how you "build" a program. For starters, they should: 1. Hire a coach who is young, enthusiastic, and hard working. 2. Set a realistic football budget. 3. Create a plan for facilities improvement. 4. Work on the feeder program. 5. Give the coach most of the say in hiring certified assistan
  6. Couldn't agree more. This has to be a rumor started by some "sour grapes" from someone who wanted the job and didn't get it. Probably one of the applicants from the local area or who still teaches at West. I seriously doubt anyone being that stupid to start off a job with a comment like that! If so....watch out in Nicholasville!!
  7. My vote also goes to Putnam. One of the greatest high school stadiums in the country! Great place to watch a football game!
  8. I hope he does stay in Morgan County because he has done a tremendous job there, but if his wife really does work/live in Nicholasville like someone else said on BGP then I think it would be really hard for him to not at least take a good look at West Jess. I did hear that he has a great group comming back at MCHS!
  9. I'll bet they are biting their finger nails big time...he has done an amazing job at Morgan. Has he shown interest in West Jess. or is everyone in West Liberty being "tight-lipped"?
  10. Great Post....However, I have seen similar situations at other schools throughout the region and like I said before, I believe that the football program can be turned in the right direction. I don't know anything about the administration and I don't care. IMHO, It doesn't take something as drastic as dragging the current administration out of their jobs and totally retooling the entire school from top to bottom to have a football program...some people believe that and that is a big drastic move that would take too much time, effort and quite frankly more political power than those of
  11. Someone can correct me if I am wrong on this but I am 90% sure Wayne is a BL grad and an Morehead State Alum.....he is currently an assistant at West Jessamine and has also coached at Lexington Catholic I believe...great guy who has had some very good experience to get him ready to be a head coach. I know Wayne as a casual friend, I believe that he would be a great choice and would be very interested if the administration contacted him and asked him "what he needed". He could save the program if he was given the things that any head coach needs to be successful. This is going to be
  12. Bubba is a great coach and an even better person. He would build a program the right way. He is one of two or three people who could save the program IMHO....if the administration is serious about winning and I doubt they are, they would contact someone like Bubba or Wayne Stevens and put together a budget, facilities plan, ideas for hiring assistants etc. and give them a pitch to come back home!
  13. Thanks Blackshirts....you seem to know alot about this situation.....has he officially resigned? Is the job posted? If so where? When will they conduct interviews and hire the position?
  14. Is the job open at West Jessamine open or are these just rumors? Where is coach Johnson going and why is he stepping down? DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS JOB IS ADVERTISED YET?
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