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  1. Ok my first trip up here and all I can say is first rate team, facility, fans. I got to meet the AD and very nice and helpful guy. I will be cheering for y’all in State. Hope we meet again next year, just maybe in Mayfield. But 5 TO in a game this big will get u beat every time.
  2. Making my first trip to Fort Mitchell hoping to see a great game. Have heard quite a bit about this place now get the chance to see for myself
  3. Yeah thought those numbers worked out real well. That the reason they play the game. I most always cheer for the underdog when people give them no chance it is very thrilling to watch a team with zero chance beat a team with more talent, size, speed, D1 players, better coaches. But noone can measure the HEART.
  4. So what did the numbers say last week about Paducah and CAL? How many touchdowns was CAL favored?
  5. Two very good and talented teams as well as very well coached. Should be great game as two teams enter only one will make it to state.
  6. News must have said rushing yards not total yards but still impressive in my book
  7. News reported only 180 total yards of offense for green county and think they were averaging 400+. So not to bad of defensive performance in my book and take into account most of those yards came after 20 point lead so sure there was some let down also. Great season for Dragons hopefully meet again next year.
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