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  1. I feel bad for the kids that have grown up always wanting to play for Cov Cath and has worked hard to achieve it, only to have these transfers come in. Sure they are building a strong team, but they are going to lose all those young kids that are good, but not good enough for this particular coach. They always had a strong team, even when they didn't have these "transfers"
  2. Game wasn’t as close as the 19 point margin. Conner controlled all aspects of the game. They moved the ball very well and when they do that, hard to beat! Looking forward to watching them and Highlands
  3. I talked to his parents tonight and they said he actually watched film and noticed his foot placement after shots was off. He started working on it about 2 weeks ago and his shots are looking good. But you are correct, if he gets going he can hit from everywhere. Very beautiful shot!
  4. A lot of close looks for them. They really should keep pounding it under. They’ve hit a few threes I think. Robinson with 2 and Guffey with 1. But now it’s Coach Jones time. He has always been one of my favorites and what he gets out the boys. Let’s see how the second half goes, but after watching the first half, Grant just looks like they are a 12-15 point better team.
  5. The games I’ve watched Rassman play he doesn’t shoot outside. He attacks, so I would let him shoot and defend the drive. But who knows. I’m looking forward to a great game
  6. Thing is, Dawalt is a much better shooter and can stretch the floor. Hard match up
  7. Came to watch this game tonight and it was a very physical game. It was a really good one. Only thing negative I have is I had to sit down towards the end and a few Oldham County young men decided to say some really bad things towards the end of the game towards Tabor. All about talking trash, but come on. Have a little class when you are winning fans! Hope the next game is as good as this one was
  8. They did play this year and Ryle ran away with it. Same result this time. They are just too deep and talented.
  9. I think it will be a very intense game as well. Grant will need to keep the Hammonds freshman in more on this one, instead of Guffey. The strength of Hammonds is needed against a very aggressive SK squad. After looking through the recent stats, it really sounds like he has earned the playing time. Great future ahead for him. As for the rest of the squad, if Dawalt can shoot like he did last matchup, they have a great chance to win. If they share the ball they are as good as anybody. SK has been on fire. I've watched them a couple of times this year and I think I'm still waiting for Davis to miss from behind the arc, lol. They can definitely drop some points and do it very quickly. I will not be attending this game though, so I really do hope someone there can post updates. I will be remaining up here in the 9th region for the evening.
  10. I would be. After watching how Highlands handled them and how physical the Colonels can be. If they do have a chance they have to utilize their bench and hope for production. I don't have a dog in this fight just my observations.
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