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  1. Terrible performance by Mayfield so far, still have the lead, but the Cardinals need to play much better.
  2. This game should be pretty close, McCracken’s defense is still decent at stopping the run but gets torched through the air, thankfully for the Mustangs, Henderson struggles throwing that ball. I don’t expect McCracken to have a ton of success on offense, the last 2 years with much more talented offenses, the Mustangs had struggles against an always solid Henderson defense. The scores Henderson had with Apollo and Marshall shows me the Mustangs can compete in this one, but I can’t pick them to win, I’ll go with Henderson by 7. Finally it’s really weird that this game has really no meaning ton
  3. When a team is an as rough shape as Ballard is, it truly is a struggle, the running clock took affect in I believe the 1st quarter.
  4. Based on common opponents, specifically Owensboro, McCracken, and Marshall, Daviess county should be a prohibitive favorite.
  5. It feels like Owensboro has a Kick of return for a touchdown every year against Graves County.
  6. I don't necessarily agree on scrapping the RPI all together, we need some kind of computer model to make sure the best teams are not match up in the Second and third round. Now i do think reseeding the final eight 1-8 is a big deal. I remember in previous years St. X had to play Male in the 3rd round, because they were both in the " West" side of the state. The final 8 just needs to be seeded 1-8, a team should not be at the mercy of where there school is located.
  7. This is absolutely correct, Coach Kemp has definitely turned that program around, when it looked like the program may be dead in the water just a couple years ago.
  8. I understand what you were trying to do, Georgia is the real deal, being 22 point favorites is not crazy at all.
  9. I am going to go with Ryle, I know Ryle lost the game but the 13-3 game Ryle played with St. X is very impressive. Beechwood is very good and I wish they played Ryle, likely would be an awesome game.
  10. I unfortunately do not see any way this game will be close, Georgia has beaten the brakes off of 2 teams that are at worst similar to UK, along with the game being in Athens, I do not see the Cats having much of a chance.
  11. No chance Georgia would be a double digit favorite over Bama.
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