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  1. Including potential the best player in the state next year Selah Brown.
  2. Almost every player on the team outside of Bross was a junior, Male will be great as usual next year.
  3. 2A. Mayfield will be back in contention next year too as only graduate 5 seniors. 9 starters back on offense, and 9 on defense, Mayfield will back back at their level.
  4. Only change I think I would make is Owensboro over Ashland. Otherwise, looks exactly right too me.
  5. I agree male would beat anyone else in the state, but I think Male vs Bowling Green would be a great football game.
  6. Losing starting QB and best wide receiver, have a lot coming back in the supporting cast though.
  7. I meant I would always go for it, so even if theirs a goal line stand, your opponent gets it at their own one.
  8. I wouldn’t kick inside the 1, because even if you miss your opponent gets the ball at the 1.
  9. Owensboro also hasn’t faced a defense like Bowling Green’s all season either.
  10. Freshman center? That super impressive to be a freshman starting on the offensive line of a state championship caliber team.
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