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  1. Real shame one of these teams will not make it to the sweet 16.
  2. That was an amazing baseball game, truly a great game to be at, have to feel horrible for Justin West. 20 strike outs out of 21 outs is one of the most Dominating pitching performance I’ve seen in a high school game. The ball never left the infield when west was pitching, the only hit was an infield single that went approximately 4 feet.
  3. Lot of winnable games for a team that has struggled for a while now.
  4. Your right in the 2000's, but historically, maybe one of the county schools was good, and at some points in time, they all were down. When Tilghman was really rolling, they were the only team in the county that was any good.
  5. This game never felt close, McCracken got 2 runs right out of the gate, then the pitching staff held PT to 1 hit till the 7th, where they got hit number 2. Final hit tally was 12 for McCracken, 2 for Tilghman.
  6. I would say you can't be over confident in your own evaluation, and trading back to get more pick is almost always the right way to go.
  7. PT has really been hurt by the creation of McCracken County, before McCracken existed, if you were really good in the Paducah area, you went to PT without question.
  8. What year was that? I remember the game because it wasn’t easily the upset of the year.
  9. I would have given it Bob Beatty, Trinity dominated the toughest class in the state, won ever game by 28+, but Coach Hawkins and Coach love were also both very deserving.
  10. They beat PT last year, but the two previous years they were 0-3 vs PT, McCracken, and Mayfield.
  11. I would say that’s the one the could get, but I definitely wouldn’t call them a favorite in that game.
  12. I would also say reading the room that Henderson scheduled Boyle County, so they must believe they are going to be good, otherwise you don’t schedule a team of that caliber.
  13. This is a really good schedule for Tilghman, adding South Warren, Henderson, and Henry County to the rivalry games with McCracken and Mayfield.
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