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  1. They lost arguably the best player on the team during week 10 in Hunter Bradley. They also have a very talented upcoming senior class.
  2. Had over 1600 yards and 30 touchdowns, missed a game vs Bowling Green and also got hurt in the middle of a game vs Christian County. One of the most electric runners in the state while also having good hands out of the backfield too.
  3. I’m not sure if that is possible, to many people need for example medical care to survive that I don’t know if this could happen. That doesn’t even taken into account the cutting of all supply lines for a week, if not more.
  4. Steve Etheridge is the guy. Form McCracken County OC/ O-line Coach.
  5. Quarterback, best receiver and stud safety. They only had 8 seniors though.
  6. He broke his leg, not his ankle, not a huge difference but some.
  7. Yes it was horrible and Gruesome and something I’ll never be able to forget, with that being said modern medicine is amazing, and I think we will see him play next.
  8. He broke his leg, while it is terrible I can’t see it being career ending.
  9. McCracken County returns 7 offensive starters, including Hunter Bradley and 4 of the 5 starters on a very good offensive line. 8 defensive starters on a defense that got a lot better toward the end of the year. A very talented team returning for the Mustangs.
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