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  1. Does Male have the higher RPI? I was just wondering why this game is at Male.
  2. I thought before the game I heard only Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots could stop Simon Kenton.
  3. McCracken County totally falling apart really hurt Mayfield, that was consistently good team on the schedule form 2013-2019.
  4. Paducah Tilghman would probably disagree with CAL being the best 3A team.
  5. Henderson coach John Boston in my eyes has always done a great job of getting the most out of his defense’s, back when McCracken was rolling in district 1 Henderson was always one of the best defenses they played.
  6. I think we don’t have a super fair judgment about his time at PR though, because they were pretty good for 2 years, and then 1 year they were pretty bad but he also had a lot of outside pressure on him that final year which is what ultimately lead to Smith stepping down.
  7. I don’t think the school had a ton of options because of how late in the process the job came open, as well as the state of the program was way down if you asked anyone around the team.
  8. I’m sure there could be a book written on the subject, but what happened to Danville. Just a few years ago they were beating Mayfield in back to back state title games, but it appears the fall off has been steep.
  9. This is the best way of putting the story in short, GC is right there is a lot more to the story, but none of it is particularly meaningful since it all happened about 3 years ago now.
  10. They have 3 chances in my eyes, Apollo, Marshall, and Christian County. I’m not sure I would pick them in any of those games, Christian and Marshall, but they way they have looked 0-10 and a trip to Trinity are looking increasingly likely.
  11. This could be the year for PT, they are very very talented, but, I can’t pick PT against Mayfield till I see it.
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