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  1. Will the KHSAA record book acknowledge individual records if they were broken by someone that elected to play a 5th year? Specifically career totals. Will schools acknowledge them? Is it acceptable that a player who set a career record in 4 years or less, has that record broken by a player who played an addition year? As an example:( say it’s a state and school record) Player A played QB from 2000-2004, player A threw 60 career touchdowns. Player B played QB at the same school from 2017-2021 and obviously took the 5th year option and threw 62 career touchdowns. Shoul
  2. Did they not know the guy was not a full time school employee when they hired him? I know nothing of the situation but it makes me think there has to be more to it.
  3. I have not done enough research to say if they should or shouldn't be in the so early top 10 but, Bardstown loses 23 seniors. As of last week they also lose LaDarion "Binka" Montgomery. It has been confirmed he has transferred to Bethlehem. This past season the sophomore had 119 carries for 1182 yards and 15 TD's, 23 reciptions for 229 yards and 3 TD's. Most in the area would have considered him the Tigers best returning player. At this time eligibility and reason for transfer are unknown to me.
  4. I truly don't know if he will or not. I am unfamiliar with the reason(s) the young man decided to transfer. That is a KHSAA issue I quit trying to keep up with a long time ago. Sometimes it a go and sometimes a no. I know if he is cleared to play its a huge boost for Bethlehem. They have some young talent returning as it is.
  5. Bethlehem could very well be in this. As of this week, LaDarion "Binka" Montgomery has enrolled at the school. Montgomery transferred from Bardstown. In his sophomore season as a Tiger he rushed 119 times for 1182 yards and 15 TD, he also had 23 receptions for 229 yards and 3 TD. Huge loss for Bardstown who already graduated 23 seniors.
  6. 10 Wolfe County 7 Butler 5 Collins 3 Bethlehem 2 McCracken County 1 Mason County TB Collins
  7. Would this be considered a desirable job? What is the state of the football program in general?
  8. Do they have any idea who they want? What direction does Nelson want to go. Do they want an experienced head coach? Somebody who may be retired but has the tools and the time to rebuild a program. Could they want a younger coach, up and coming, full of energy? Based on the last two hires, they tried each way and both were unsuccessful. I think this will all depend on how many people are interested, if anybody. I see lots of pros and cons of the job but it sure seems the cons hold the most weight.
  9. 10 Highlands 7 Carlisle County 5 Bryan Station 3 Augusta 2 Knox Central 1 Henderson County TB Highlands
  10. 10 Wayne County 7 South Warren 5 Rowan County 3 East Jessamine 2 Mason County 1 Marshall County TB Mason County
  11. 10 Trinity 7 Mayfield 5 Belfry 3 Pikeville 2 Covington Catholic 1 Johnson Central TB 63
  12. I do not have a 2019 NFHS rule book handy, however I did find last years. Rule 9-1 states: An offensive player shall not push, pull or lift the runner to assist his - forward progress. PENALTY: Helping the runner (S44) – 5 yards (Per NFHS 2018 publication) Based off of this, and to my memory there was no change to this rule or the interpretation of the rule, I will say it is still illegal and should have been called.
  13. 8 Belfry 5 Paintsville 3 Johnson Central 3 Mayfield 1 Bell County 1 Somerset 1 Fredrick Douglas 1 Covington Catholic TB 45
  14. In my opinion it comes out about right. The only team I didn't see making it this far was Holy Cross. With that being said they have taken care of business and earned their spot. I believe Raceland could be this far had the format not changed. I also believe everyone is playing for runner-up against Pikeville. I cant say the same for the other classes though. To me its a shame some teams from 2A and 3A are sitting at home.
  15. Per crittendencountyrockets.blogspot.com/ they faced off in 2008 and 2009, both games were blow outs in favor of the Rockets. For what its worth during those years both programs had different head coaches. I have not seen the Rockets this year and cant make an honest pick.....but I hope Crittenden County running clocks them.
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