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  1. What happened here to get doubled up by 35?
  2. Congrats to Kaelin. He has the size and athleticism to be a big time player. 6'4 safeties that can jump like him don't come around too often. Could have played some college basketball also I'm sure.
  3. Did Corbin have 4 players at the UK Junior day? Maybe overall Boyle has a better roster than Corbin but Boyle's top two players are a Kicker and DE. I am sure the Corbin fans can fill me on the 4 players but they all looked like skill guys. Future success in the next 3-4 years doesn't seem like much difference talent wise between Boyle and Corbin. As stated above maybe there were different reason for leaving Corbin than just on the field/roster.
  4. In the Mercer Vs West Jessamine game Clayton Winter had the biggest impact on the game leading West Jessamine with 24 points and 17 rebounds while shooting 72% from the field. He is their best player and playing as good if not better than any big man in the region. Kaelin Drakeford led Mercer with 27 points and 13 rebounds.
  5. He didn't have to sit out because of the transfer. He had to sit out because he was held back his 8th grade year at Boyle. Always an A/B student though.
  6. Similar to Tubby Ball at UK. Players don't like to play that style and fans don't like to watch it but ultimately the goal is to win games and in high school you can win a lot of games playing good defense and reducing possessions.
  7. Lincoln is only averaging 48 points a game and scored 50 last night and 49 the game before against Danville in a loss. Their style of play wins more games for them than the players on their roster.
  8. I get Lincoln. Their style of play and defense make them a contender. What is it about Pulaski you think makes them a contender? Their best win is probably West Jessamine. Tonight is a big game hosting Lincoln.
  9. Lincoln and West Jessamine is a huge game for the 12th region tonight. I still think Lincoln is the top team in the 12th but a win for West tonight could change that. I think Lincoln wins it at home.
  10. 12th region refs love to call a lot of fouls and it is nothing to see both teams in the double bonus in the 1st and 2nd half. Mercer played Mason Saturday at GRC and I would assume they were 10th/11th region refs. They let them play and there were very few fouls called. Players and fans would take this approach of letting them play any day over a foul fest/ free throw shooting contest like every game in the 12th region. To me the 13th region is the hardest place to win on the road when it comes to referees. 13th region teams will be dominant at home and average when they play away games out of the 13th region.
  11. I included each teams top two leading scorers along with their rebounds per game for the top 10 teams to give an idea of what everybody is doing in the region. Statistically DeAjuan Stepp of West Jessamine and Kaelin Drakeford for Mercer are leading the way based off points and rebounds.
  12. Great game with intense atmosphere. Kaelin Drakeford finished with 21 points and the game winner. Typical horrific 12th region officiating.
  13. Interesting year so far. Here is each teams best region and non region win so far in the top 10. Nearly midway through the season still tough to get a good gauge for a lot of the teams in the top 10. The best win so far within the 12th region would have to be East Jessamine over Lincoln. The best win out of region would probably be Mercer's win over Butler or Lincoln's win over South Laurel. 1. Pulaski In region West Jessamine. Out of region Harlan 5th best team in the 13th region. 2. Somerset This is a tough one without knowing anything about the TN teams. In region wins are Rockastle and Casey. Out of region I guess would be Madison Central 4-7 and 10th best team in the 11th. 3. Lincoln in region would be West Jessamine and out of region South Laurel. 4. Danville in region would be Southwestern (Without leading scorer) and out of region is really tough I guess would be Madison Southern 13th best team in the 11th region. 5. Southwestern in region would be East Jessamine. Out of region is tough with them as they have played mainly out of state or 12th region teams. 6. East Jessamine in region Lincoln and out of region Lyon Co #3 team in the 2nd region. 7. Boyle in region Somerset and out of region Butler County 4th best team in the 3rd region or LCA the 6th best team in the 11th region. 8. West Jessamine in region is Danville and out of region Great Crossing 4th best team in the 11th region. 9. Wayne is hard to judge as they have played 4 out of state teams. They have beat Garrard twice within the region and out of region I don't know that they really have a good win in state. 10. Mercer County have lost both in region games with West Jessamine and Danville. Out of Region was Butler 4th in the 6th region.
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