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  1. They looked good, played hard. They wore down CC. They controlled the football all night.
  2. Kremer for the breds is a good QB, he really settled down and had a nice game after over throwing a lot of receivers in the first quarter. Unfortunately for my camels, it’s going to be a long season.
  3. 29-6 breds. 5:43 to go in 4th Camels O hasn’t looked good at all except one drive.
  4. Breds have controlled the ball the entire game. I don’t keep stats but I can’t imagine the time of possession difference.
  5. 8-6 breds. Camels take over on downs at their own 35 2:31 to go in half
  6. Campbell County and Newcath is a good rivalry. Campbell county and Highlands has been fun the last few years too.
  7. “Grandma was slow but she was dead” I will never forget it. From a legendary nky coach!
  8. I hope so, he has a young son and is very involved with the youth. He was an assistant when I was playing 11 or 12 years ago. Awesome guy and the kids and parents love him.
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