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  1. Article 3.c leads me to believe that as long as a defender isn’t sliding under an airborne shooter, some foot-shuffling or even leaning away from the offensive player does not constitute a blocking call as it seems to have in the past. Would that be an accurate interpretation?
  2. How long has he been at GC? Are all his wins with the ‘Cats?
  3. Anyone starting Fournette at the Colts this week? If so, what’s your RB situation? For context, I need one of these to fill RB2... T Coleman @ Cleveland A Jones vs Miami T Cohen vs Detroit L Fournette @ Indy Add to those for the flex... C Godwin vs Washington S Shepard @ SF Non-PPR league, so I tend toward two of the four RB, but I’d listen to arguments for the WR as well.
  4. Really like the way Reid creates space to rebound and his strength. Hate everything else about his game.
  5. LeLakers, the K Love led Cavs , Knox at MSG, the Jimmy Butler saga, complaining about the difficulty the Warriors would have making chicken salad, not paying as much attention to the NFL(too violent for my taste), Markelle Fultz, Doncic, the Kings, Vince Carter chasing 25k points, the Spurs’ demise, Nikola Jokic, John Wall, Ulis finding a home, 76ers/Celtics/Lakers matchups. I’m sure there’s more. These come to mind.
  6. Theories that the spit came from Melo’s mouth, but the video evidence is inconclusive to me.
  7. Making sure Minnesota doesn’t get much in return for him! Veteran move.
  8. Who knew Kawhi has an all-time great laugh? I’m looking forward to this guy coming out of his shell and maybe even backing up the hype that goes with his play...
  9. So... Jimmy Butler requested a trade this week. That’s no surprise to anybody who watches the Association. Thibs is a mediocre at best coach who has continually used every 1/64” tread on his players’s tires. The organization is stuck somewhere between rebuilding and contending, which is the worst place to be. KAT is probably the most powerful person in the locker room. The trifecta of ingredients for running the best player out of town. Add to that, Andrew Wiggins’ brother is thankful Jimmy wants out, despite the probability that Wiggins will be best known for being traded for Kevin Love after being selected #1 overall. The real surprise is the list of teams on Butler’s wishlist: Clippers, Knicks, Nets. He and Kyrie have been tied to the Knicks, and I could see Kevin Knox being included in either of those hypothetical trades, but what is Jimmy’s goal here outside of getting away from Thibs? Either/any of those markets are huge, so maybe he’s working on his brand recognition? Does he see something in those rosters that I don’t? They can all offer him max money, but then again, so can Minnesota... Any way you slice it, we gotta thank LeBron for making player mobility such a fun part of the offseason. That guy really is somethin.
  10. Dwyane Wade to retire at season’s end One of my all-time favorites. These NBA retirements are starting to get at my emotions man. I’m feeling old. His announcement can be found with a quick YouTube search for “One Last Dance” or in the article linked above.
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