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  1. Amen to everything that has been said here. Justin is a TREMENDOUS player and kid. Unselfish, was always looking to make his teammates better, and a super high IQ guy. This is a great move for him. His dad has put tons of time, effort, and energy into his son and it is all paying off. Congrats to them!
  2. From what I understand, the head coach at TCC, Mark White, is originally from Russellville, KY and recruits the state hard. Last season they had former Ballard standout Corey Douglas, who transferred from Rice to TCC and is now going to VCU. Juco is a great way for guys to improve their stock if they don't have the offers they want out of high school or prep school. Tons of guys get better as players, become more mature, and end up going to a higher level. Not a surprise to see Mark White bring on another KY guy on his staff, and clearly it's had an impact as they've signed 2 from Louisville and 1 from Lexington. Good to see KY guys doing well no matter where they are. and @c0oachc, David Simmons was a guy that I believe only had a couple D2 offers--Kentucky Wesleyan was one of them, and he ends up being a solid 6th man for a really good MTSU team this season. Guy was super tough!
  3. Unless it’s your only option—these kids are D1 players. TCC plays in a very tough conference and tons of those dudes end up in low/mid and sometimes high major programs. If you can use basketball to get your college degree paid for, why not? Juco life in Florida is a lot different than Juco life in Nebraska or Illinois or some place in the middle of nowhere. Some top Juco programs have better facilities than low D1 programs.
  4. Walter is a solid player. But Big East is a big time league. NKU is at the top of the Horizon which may be a very small step below the MAC but NKU is better than lots of lower level MAC schools. He may go to another high major to see if he’s good enough and if not, he can always transfer down.
  5. They have a lot coming back assuming everyone stays. Going to be tough to duplicate 23 wins but pieces are in place for the right coach. There have to be some JCPS assistants and possibly other small school coaches involved. Patrick Jackson from St Francis possibly?
  6. Does that make 3 All A 7th region openings? KCD, Collegiate and now Brown. Wow. Tough for those schools to keep great coaches with low budget, low enrollment, low coaching stipend, etc
  7. No one goes juco unless grades mandate it. NCAA has sliding scale that everyone must qualify on. As far as social media, every college governing body has rules, and typically coaches can’t comment unless a guy is actually signed, so that may explain Lewis being left out originally bc it looks like Settembre’s page had a big tweet about it last night. Quite a haul for TCC. But can be tricky getting lots of guys from same area at college level.
  8. Renner not going anywhere. Schooler not going anywhere. Both have it great at their current programs. Tons of young talent at FC. I would think Waggener’s Bryan O’Neill and former Moore/Taylor Co coach Rich Gatewood will be in the mix. KC Goodin of Butler is another name that makes sense. Male is a GREAT job.
  9. Who is the coach at Aspire? He is getting HORRIBLE advice. According to NCAA Division 1 qualifying rules, you can only retake 1 core course once you've graduated high school. No chance to be a D1 qualifier. Juco is his only option. Completely wasting a year. Prep schools lie like crazy to kids and their families.
  10. As a Louisville guy who watches mostly JCPS ball, I got lucky in seeing this team play a couple times this year, including their 2nd win over rival KCD on the road, which was a team the program hadn't beaten in a long time according to Coach Settembre's twitter page before they swept them this season. 23 wins at Collegiate is impressive for a school known much more for academics, and winning a game in the All A State tourney had to be awesome for those kids. I suspect their season will end when they face Male tomorrow, but definitely a cool accomplishment for a first year and first time head coach. Chris Renner and Mike Szabo could basically win this award every year in the 7th region, but outside of those 2 schools no other teams had seasons to get anyone excited. Should be Ballard vs Trinity for all the marbles again!
  11. Big ups for KABC Coach of the year in the 14th Jon Bentley! Estill can be dangerous in the postseason!
  12. 7- Iroquois 5- Spencer County 3- Waggener 2- Male 1- Desales TB: Desales
  13. Saw Doss rally to beat Iroquois down by 17 with 2:40 to go in 2014. District semifinal game. KC Goodin's final season at Doss before he left for job with Happy Osborne at KWC. Game ended in regulation at Iroquois kid fouled a Doss kid on a 3 pointer, and he made all 3 FTs. Wildest 2:40 of basketball I've ever seen.
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