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  1. Was wondering if khsaa is offering the the boys and girls sweet 16 online this year? Went to khsaa and didn’t really see a spot to buy it. I see a link for national high school stuff but wasn’t sure if this is the correct link. Does anyone know for sure if this is available for purchase this year and how to go about it?
  2. Did Campbell County have a bad shooting night ? I didn’t see the stats but It felt like Jolly took 70% of the shots and he hit 15 fgs I heard, he had to have shot over 60% from the field . Felt like Camels shot the ball pretty well but I could be wrong.
  3. I don’t put a ton of stock in Cats Pause high school previews. Have seen multiple times they list top players from teams of kids that graduated or aren’t even playing that season. And also didn’t Kellione make 1st team 10th region and Harrison 3rd team last year 2017-18 season? Why the expectation that Harrison was going to jump a 1st team selection from the previous season? I think it’s hard to argue the selection of Kellione as the 10ths top player this season in my opinion. She has had a very good season.
  4. Kind of makes sense. Why would Harrison be a candidate or win Mrs Basketball if she isn’t even the top player in her own region?
  5. Who said anything about Campbell County in this thread ? It was strictly on the Ryle and Cooper game and how Ryle despite being a top 3 team in the state was able to win the game by 34 despite being up 30 after a quarter. I had read in past games that this wasn’t possible to do without holding the ball or not trying. And yes it is a huge difference to win the game 71-37 rather than 102-20 as Ryle probably could have. One is an unnecessary beat down and one isn’t . It’s a respectable win without rubbing Coopers face in it and can be done easily with a running clock in 2nd half. If you put up over 90 Pts on someone with a 16 min running clock in 2nd half you are trying to score as much as possible and embarrass the other team . There is no other way it can be done. Your still upping the tempo and playing a pressure defense .
  6. How did Ryle possibly keep the final score of this game at 71-37 despite leading after 1 quarter 33-3. From other posts this is impossible to do to win by only 34 after leading by 30 after just 8:00 of play. Please share the secret. Let me guess, Ryle didn’t feel the need to keep pressing them into submission to show their dominance and just fell back and played zone or man without pressuring the ball at all costs. They had their starters out after maybe a half and a little of 3rd quarter. The didn’t sprint the ball up court and continue to jack up 3s. They got to the running clock at half and played the last 16 minutes of ball and were satisfied with a 34 point win and not destroying Cooper and both go on their way. I guess it can be done, learn something everyday.
  7. One of the answers is you play a relaxed zone on defense after you have gotten the lead up to a comfortable level. When you pull the press off you don’t keep playing man to man. The zone on defense slows the game down allows Calvary the opportunity to run some offense and get some shots off. If you still play man to man in the half court your still going to dominate an inferior team and make the pace fast . Pack the zone allow them to shoot uncontested outside shots and walk the ball upcourt on offense . Takes care of putting up 90s. Take the 60-20 win and move on.
  8. Did Seicrest leave the team? She was the point guard last year and when she wasn’t bringing it up court it was Clephane.
  9. Final per khsaa. Is this a misprint or was this really the score of this game?
  10. Little surprised double ejection didn't come up in Goldens game summary. Pretty big story when a Mrs. Basketball candidate and an important transfer player (both pre season top 10 players in the region) get ejected. Don't recall the last time I've ever seen a player thrown out of a basketball game besides the rare double technicals. Were tempers flaring all game or was this just one isolated incident?
  11. I hope Campbell County does well it's good for Northern Kentucky. Volleyball basically boils down to Assumption and Mercy playing in the finals with Assumption winning . St Henry while good and being able to beat Notre Dame last couple years still is a far cry from those 2. They can go as far as the final 4. It's a really top heavy sport. Good luck to all.
  12. I saw Mya Meredith play a few games last year and was impressed . She was mature for a freshmen last year and physically was able to compete despite her youth. She was by far the best player on Newport and thus had the green light to shoot and do as she pleases with the ball in her hands the majority of the time. Was she then or is she now one of best in Kentucky? I'd say that is a reach at this time . Can she get there over next 3 years? Very possible. She has good size for a girl who can handle the ball. She will be a good one. Adjustment this coming year will be Secrist will be the senior leader at Scott this year. Mya will have to adjust to not being the primary ball handler or unquestioned leader of the team. She is gonna have to play a part in more of a team role. I also would say I consider the Keifer girl from Brossart to be just as impressive as a going to be sophomore if not more so. She has to be 6' 2" or so and is long and very athletic. She was the opposite of Meredith in that she wasn't physically as mature to take on upperclassmen last year . I think if she has put on some weight and gotten stronger she will be a load to handle in the 10th. I think GRC is absolutely the team to beat and will represent the 10th region at Rupp. I then think you got Campbell County, Scott, and Brossart as very close in 37th and wouldn't be suprised at all by which 2 emerge to make the region and which one doesn't. They are that close. Mason County is in the same tier as these 3 behind GRC. Harrison County and Nicholas County can't be ignored either.
  13. I’m confused by the thread you started then. You asked opinions on the 2 local teams in state tourney and who wins and why. I proceeded to answer with my opinion and then you rip me because I guess your a big Campbell County fan and you wanted me to say they are going to win state. If that’s the case just make a thread saying say good things about Campbell County volleyball. I just expressed how it is. They would have finished 9th place in the 9th region and I backed it up with facts. You then backed up they aren’t I guess as good as all those teams in the 9th by saying they don’t have a home run hitter or D1 player. I agree they don’t and is why I made the comment I did . I apologize for not sharing your love for your team . Just make it clear what your after when you ask for an opinion or you just may get it.
  14. Campbell County would have finished 8th in the 9th region. They lost to Dixie, Ryle, Holy Cross, Cooper, Notre Dame, and Highlands just from the 9th. They benefit from playing in a bad volleyball region and will lose first game. St Henry is a legit top 6 team in the state . They can play with anyone not named Assumption or Mercy.
  15. Can I get an interpreter for this? I’m guessing first statement says Kelly didn’t play due to D1 offers ? He has commited to a school so doubt that impacts him playing. #33 could have had 300 yards? #2 tackled someone by the ankles intentionally to tackle them instead of going high on purpose? How did I do?
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