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  1. Coach Kennedy Berkley has left Campbell County Volleyball.
  2. The problem with Campbell County football is that no one buys into the coach or their program. In the history of Campbell County football, a 6A school, they have only one postseason victory (26-21 over Madison Central). I agree with Hook1965...the OC needs to go. The 2018 team was senior heavy and had real yet credible talent. Hank Stram yelling "What the Hell is going on out there?" reverberates in my head. Coaches at CCHS try to fit kids into a system rather than a system to the kids, and it never works. Unfortunately, the youth football program in Campbell County (outside of Red Devils) is weak and inconsistent. There is no "next man up" mentality as there is a limited talent pool and most kids have to play all 3 ways. No, I would like to see CCHS have a reputable football program but it probably won't happen for years to come...if ever. So instead of football, go cheer on the volleyball team, the basketball teams or baseball and softball...at least those teams have made it to the State Tournament on a consistent basis.
  3. Cooper will win 31-8 as there just isn’t much talent for Campbell Co on either side of the ball.
  4. Corey Kiner down on the field and grabbing his ankle/calf area...walks off field with trainers
  5. Knute Rockne couldn't motivate this team...youth has nothing to do with lack of execution and motivation
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