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  1. I just thought of another hot assistant out there and it is James Webb at North Hardin, their defensive coordinator. He has applied for several jobs and been down to the final two but couldnt get over the hump. I feel that he would be a great one.
  2. I moved from that area not to long ago and have some good friends there as well. John Hardin and Knox is not a good matchup
  3. I think that Mark Carroll at Lexington Christian Academy will be able to take a head coaching job over sometime in the near future. He will hopefully be the defensive coordinator soon and then will be able to move to head coach.
  4. Duffer Duffy is the son but he is also the head coach at Henderson High school.
  5. It isnt his grandson that coaches at North Hardin. It is his son. He has another son that coaches at Mercer Co. Joe Jaggers would be a great fit for any job that he gets because he has had this fire to coach again for a couple of years.
  6. Come on JD Dog!! You know that the bench is going to be the difference and Etown will win by 10 or more this time. I dont think that John can stay with them. If John is to win then LeSage will need to put up 20pts and 10 rebounds. I think they need to go inside more with him. It will be a great game; the second game of a possible five.
  7. Chris Todd-redshirted at Texas Tech-should be in the running for the starting QB job this spring. Zipp Duncan-redshirted at UK-not sure if he is going to stay at TE or DE; but is working hard. Brandon Deaderick-is going to redshirt at Alabama. Has put on some muscle and should be in the rotation next year at DE for the Tide. AJ French-is at Bowling Green Community College and is going to be joining the WKU football team in the spring-that is what I have heard. Interesting fact is that Chris and Brandon will both be at the Cotton bowl and will be on opposite sides from each other.
  8. Yes it happened; It is on the WHAS 11 website; they walked out over the firing of Bill Mason and for the new dress code.
  9. I know that Etown had a father and son coaching on the same staff up until this past season. At one point they had two sons and their father on the staff.
  10. I am going to take LCA in this one. I think their team speed is going to be the deciding factor and they are going to continue their season. I said it earlier this year their destination is a state championship. Great job and keep it up LCA!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I havent heard that message about others especially Dunbar
  12. JD Dog, I hope that the Dawg Pound, JHHS, will be rocking again this Friday!!! I hear that last week it was real loud; Make sure that you keep it up!! Good luck this week!! I think that Male will run away with this one. 49-21; But I was wrong last week as well.
  13. Are they going to fire him or is he leaving??? Firing him- I dont think so but maybe they need to after that showing. I say keep him and make him work harder for the upcoming season.
  14. Bardstown in a blowout; to much team speed and they will run all day on Friday night
  15. I like the upset pick with LCA in this one. I think that the coaching staff at LCA is going to put together a great plan and the team is going to pull out the victory.
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