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  1. Is he class of '23 or '22? I thought he is repeating his Senior year, not Junior year?
  2. Isler pitched a CG for the Colonels. That's huge when playing on 3 consecutive days and pitch count limits. It should presumably set them up well for the game tonight, weather permitting.
  3. Allen stepped up and it was amazing. Cal will have to answer a lot of questions if their early struggles and not playing him. This team still needs Boston and Clarke to be better. You can't rely on that type of game every night from Allen. If we blame Cal for sticking with Clarke and Boston, than also blame all the scouts. They were both projected lottery picks enter the season and maybe Allen opening up the floor will help their games but this team still needs them. Credit to the Bruiser for keeping the same 5 for both OTs.
  4. OSU fans stormed the field last year when they beat Penn St.
  5. It's actually his second walk off hit this season. He's bad and he gets crushed. He hits a walk off and who cares.
  6. Votto with a walk off single last night to win 4-3 and now has a 6 game hitting streak and batting .450 during that time.
  7. My understanding is that they are employed by the team. The producers and audio team is likely employed by Fox Sports Ohio but the Reds have an ownership stake in FS OH.
  8. He is likely to be fired. The Reds also need to examine the work environment if that is the type of conversations happening in their work place as well. That was way to casual and it was at work presumably in front of multiple people so who knows what else is said on a regular basis.
  9. Not to get too critical but players have hit over .350 in the last 18 years. The last one to do it was John Hamilton, .359 in 2010.
  10. If this is indeed true, I feel bad for the child. She will never be accepted into the community her mother desperately wanted her in.
  11. Final from Crestview Hills. Georgetown is just too much for Thomas More at this point. It could turn into a big time rivalry. Jake Ohmer finished with 22 pts for Georgetown to lead all scorers.
  12. This is the first regional championship in the history of Calvary Christian. Congrats to the Cougars!
  13. Is the CCH 4 game winning streak the longest in the history of the rivalry for CCH?
  14. Mayer is an absolute treat to watch. The pick 6 was amazing. He also landed a monster hit to force a fumble. Not to mention multiple big plays on offense.
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