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  1. There will be announcement today by 5:30 I’m hearing.
  2. No stall ball. There was never any real lead until the last 2 minutes of the game
  3. Bath avenges 2 regular season losses to Fleming. Big 3 by Coach Williams son with 2 minutes left pushed them ahead by 3. He took another one a few seconds after that that I thought was going to give his dad head coach a cardiac event.
  4. Spencer Macke would have been on my second team all region.
  5. My take is a very poor shooting team and inability to defend. The Saunders kid takes about 16 shots a game. They aren’t very competitive unless he is knocking down half of his shots including 3s.
  6. My bet is in Fleming. They seem to have Bath’s number this year
  7. Fleming hasn’t beat a team with a winning record to my knowledge. Not sure what teams you are claiming they have beaten that are decent.
  8. The game was played in less than 1 hour. Running clock from start of 3rd quarter.
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