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  1. Light Blue by D&G Challenge by Lacoste Happy by Clinique These are my favorites.
  2. Russell County's baseball team was struggling last year and they went to a voluntary 6 a.m. hitting practice every morning for the last couple weeks of the season. Just so happened that all the starters and most of the bench players would show up every morning. They end up getting on a roll and winning the 4th region championship. I don't know if this was the reason but I do think it is more than just a coincidence.
  3. Freshman Nick Britt had a great game with over 100 yards rushing and a couple scores. I'm sure Nathan Irvin had over a 100 yards as well. Nice win to start the season.
  4. In game 2 of the Owensboro-Russell County game at Muhlenberg South, the scoreboard didn't even work. Nice place for the KHSAA to ship teams there let me tell ya. How does a place like that host a semi-state?
  5. He didn't get a bad deal at Russell County. Good basketball coach however.
  6. Where is the 12th region tournament held this year?
  7. is plain awful? So much beating and banging and touch fouls called. Kobe elbows people and doesn't get called. It seems NBA officiating gets worse every year.
  8. No. From what I understand, Casey didn't want to play this year or next. Doesn't make sense to me.
  9. Why did Casey drop Russell County? That's a natural rivalry and these schools have played for quite a while. Casey find an easy win or something?
  10. i do notice that All In has the Russell County girl as his avatar
  11. so is this some sort of Feldhaus welcome home event? Russell has a solid team. a couple very good shooters and they work hard. not real big. don't like to make excuses but they were only outplayed in 3 of their losses. the others were very close and all but one on the road. in my opinion they are a top 4 team in the 4th region.
  12. i don't know how it is at most schools. but the times i've watched the doubleheader when the guys play first, most of the people leave after that game. how is that beneficial to girl's programs? seeing fans get up and walk out is good? is that not demoralizing to a girl on the court? seeing everyone leave like that? at least playing before they could see the crowd pile in for at least the 2nd half or 4th quarter.
  13. Russell County also beat the Cole Draughn lead Maroons.
  14. i thought this was the all star game that had 2 players from each region make it on the junior side and anyone who has signed D-1 or voted in by region on the senior side? don't the respective regions vote on their representatives?
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