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  1. Good win, who is the player that you are referring to?
  2. I have no doubt the Cards will be tourney ready. But there are some key pieces from that team that are missing. Mainly Oliver, probably the most underrated piece of the team from last season. My assertion that TC is 5th in the region is solely based on the improvements of Etown, John, Adair, and Larue. I just think those 4 teams are better than TC. But of course Maze will get his shot at showing everyone what his cards are about.
  3. Cov Cath will be just fine....man they have a huge frontline. CJ will bounce back, he just had an off night shooting the ball.
  4. Shoulders is a scoring machine...Hart County will surprise a couple of people this year...the problem is that he don't have any scoring help and good teams will take the ball out of his hands. kid can ball though
  5. Relationships between coaches absolutely play a role in voting. I think if you have a player or two or three with near talents and abilities; then put their stats up and go from there. Have absolutely no dog in the fight but I've seen Kunkel, McNeil and CJ up close and personal...top 3 conversation over
  6. While I know anything can happen during the playoffs...I'm giving Whitley Co zero chance of beating Andrew Taylor and Corbin
  7. Wow....Kel is a GREAT kid...hoping for a speedy recovery
  8. Wasn't there but I'm hearing Kel Livers was injured.
  9. I think it should absolutely be removed from basketball. Probably causes more wrist injuries than anything in the game combined. Move your feet, contest the shot and stop sliding under basketball players....just my opinion
  10. Thanks for the info. Congrats to all the young men on the list....well deserved.
  11. I can agree with that...they match up well with certain teams
  12. I like the matchups as well. Bethlehem and Larue would be a good game. But Adair/Bardstown and North/John in the semis is almost epic for one night. Must see TV...IMHO
  13. More to my point Dunbar loses to West Jess and we call it a trap game. There are just a couple of dominant teams in the state....so to discount AC as top ten I think is unfair. I don't know how a team can go on the road and beat a team by 20 without their best player; and you come away unimpressed.
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