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  1. Talk to a assist this morning, said we will struggle on the line for a while. They're hitting the weights though.
  2. Congrats to Belfry Pirates ! And my hats off to Bell County on a great season.
  3. Not ginna make it down there (thanks alot Belfry, lol). But good luck to both teams as always safe travels. Hope its a barn burner.
  4. Evansville has looked at him a few times. He was hard to handle tonight. Kalle is his name.
  5. Congrats to the Belfry Pirates. Nice call on that 2pt conversion. Told the guy next to me that we should go for two after we just scored in the first OT....oh well. Shook hands with many Belfry fans on the way out. Safe travels Pirates....
  6. Not true, this is a one time only but ugly event that nowhere represents the DeSales community! This will be address within the DeSales family. We have witness personnel fouls the last 2 games that can enrage any fan bases, but no excuse for what happen last Friday! This will not be excepted. Our alums and fan base are upset at this, just check our DeSales Colts football site on FB web site. With apologizes to the Bardstown fan base for the unfortunate action of a couple of over zealous & 'ugly' fans. This is no way representative of the DeSales Brotherhood of alums and currant fan base.I don't blame the Bardstown fanbase was upset from I heard about what happen. I encourage them to call DeSales High School and voice ypur complaints. I promise personnelly that their will be NOT any disruption on part of anyone DeSales fanbase that will bring a bad shade on the DeSales community at our next game or I will not attend anymore games..... The Belfry team and fan base should expect a friendly if not cordial welcome from the DeSales family ! ....Personnelly, I address to Hearsay and others here on Bluegrasspreps, in no way is the DeSales community is happy what went on last Friday, our apologies. I personnelly did not witness it. I did notice the County Sheriffs and Security intervened at one point from where I sit on the 50 yd line at the top. I'm not a a alum but my son went there and graduated in 05, so I'm not representative of DeSales but as neighborhood fan.
  7. Bardstown look great on their opening drive passing down field with those flat passes. Colts defense made adjustments and it was all DeSales after that. Avery run to tie the game was awesome and then offense came alive. Great win over very good Bardstown Tiger team. Shout out to the Colts #27 on keeping #8 in check most of the game. Needless to say I was more than surprised by the final score.
  8. Notice DeSales attendance down a bit the last few seasons. I have been following Kentucky high school football all my life and always felt that attending a game was a great way to spend a Friday evening. The wife and I look at it as 'date night'. And we look forward to away games to visit another part of the state and pick a nice restaurant before the games. I guess we're easily entertain and old. Free tickets for students sounds like a great ideal.
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