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  1. Here's my formula: B for preseason expectations and hype Increased to A for performance during the regular season Decreased to B+ for poor showing against Cooper Decreased to C for losing in the playoffs Increased to B because I remembered that I expected them to lose before the finals anyway. So, after closely adjusting my grade and applying my scoring algorithms, I arrived a final grade of B- (For some reason the algorithm further reduced the grade below the end-of-season grade. I'm investigating that now.)
  2. C, C-,B++? Seriously? From the group that couldn't really explain what adjustments Pulaski made in the second half of the semi-final game to handle Highlands better? But, now can discern the difference between a C and a C+ season? I'm calling . . . never mind.
  3. Those who want to believe that this is Coach Weinrich making excuses for last season will believe that no matter what anyone else says. I see nothing wrong with saying: To suggest that the coaches won't evaluate all players for all positions is silliness. If a sophomore can handle the job of starting varsity QB, he'll get a look. If the coaches go with a senior at QB it's because they think he's the guy for the job. I assume Gosney came up through the FTJFL like Cramer? If so, what team did each kid play for?
  4. You seem to be a Tackett guy, but he isn't doing a good job if this situation has and is having an impact on the games.
  5. They run the "business" like they have a monopoly and don't really care what people think. Wait, that's exactly what they have.
  6. Schedule is bad this year, location is bad every year it's at WKU. Can the KHSAA get it together and move the games to a more central location? I don't think so. The KHSAA strikes me as a pretty weak and ineffective association.
  7. Then you should check out the discussion about why people decided to go -- or not go -- to the finals.
  8. So, the quote is accurate but the coach just doesn't want it interpreted as "our QB is better than yours who got a D1 offer." But, that's what he said.
  9. I'd still like to know what the "adjustments" were. Change in personnel? Scheme? Technique? Or just tell the payers to execute better -- if that's an adjustment?
  10. So, you really can't point to anything other than the points?
  11. What adjustments did Pulaski make at the half?
  12. So it's either too much freelancing by the players or the coaches not having the right personnel on the field?
  13. Agreed . . . even when the opinions are yelled at him from the stands.
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