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  1. RBI single for Hazlewood. 6-5. Two outs.
  2. Top 7. Runner on 2nd. 1 out for MC
  3. This will be a physical game. I like Rock at home.
  4. Cothren had some great players last season and didn't do much with them. I expected more out of a team with two of the best scorers in the region, decent big man as point guard and a decent bench.
  5. Congrats to Casey and Stallworth. I think his team has not played up to their potentional this season but it seems coach has them playing better. I've watched that junior class play since they were in 6th.
  6. Not sure I agree playing a kid that isn't 50% healthy. Especially if he is seeing double. An ankle injury could get worse by playing on it.
  7. I agree with the maturity statement. I see it often in the 12th region, more often in the PC area. They are good players but it seems surrounding schools end up catching up to their maturity.
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