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  1. My two home runs for this program would be Steve Stonebraker or Mark Scenters which both have been there and both have won. The dark horse for me would be Tyler Ray. Current defensive backs and wide receiver coach at Boyle County and a Garrard County graduate. He’s young and has a very bright future ahead of him.
  2. It’s not about learning from other “coaches” it’s “your” style of play mentality. Perry ran the same offense as he did in the 90s at Garrard. Why didn’t he open it up some like they did at Danville while he was there? You have to adjust to the athletes you have on the field regardless of how you coached in the past or who you coached under. Look what Brett Baierlein did with this offense when he stepped in for Jerry Perry this year. Prime example of using your athletes the best way possible.
  3. And when Jerry Perry left Garrard the first time he went to Danville and won a few titles and also coached under one of the greats Sam Harp. So pretty similar comparison and style of play. Both hard nose defensive coaches. Garrard County needs a coach that runs the spread offense and that will open up the field for their athletes.
  4. I love Jeff Hester but his style of play wouldn’t work with Garrard County now. See Jerry Perry for an example.
  5. If I’m not mistaken, the job was just posted Monday.
  6. I’m not sure why Jerry Perry would play any role in this job now. He couldn’t win and that’s as clear as a picture as you can get. Anyone who wouldn’t take this job because of another man’s feelings isn’t much of a leader in the first place IMO.
  7. I can promise you this administration knows what they’re doing. They’re not hiring someone just for the upcoming 3 years. This job is a little more attractive than what some people are making it out to be.
  8. I highly doubt Jeff Hester would leave Centre College and that hire doesn’t make much sense. I also heard they’ve never offered the job to Crutchfield. Stonebraker could possibly be the dark horse and that’s why everything has been so quiet. IMO he would do wonders with this group of young men.
  9. Larry French is one heck of a coach but not good enough to beat one of the best LCA teams that have came through the city. LCA by 40.
  10. Liam Coen , Vince Marrow or long shot Les Miles.
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