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  1. I’m leaning towards Foley or Rodgers. Rodgers just makes more sense than anyone listed. Maybe him not being a teacher has came into play and will keep him from being the head man. I figured he would travel down to Lancaster and be one of Crutchfields assistants if he didn’t get the head position. With Garrard County already having 8+ coaches on staff it’s hard to see where he will fit in on the staff. I’m sure Coach Crutchfield would find him a spot no doubt. But the more I talk to people around Stanford it seems like Rodgers might stay regardless if he gets the job or not. Surely this thing will wrap up by the end of the week or first of next.
  2. The only top pick I can think of is Foley. The others mentioned in this thread weren’t even interested.
  3. We have to get the pages up to at least 30. Just talking candidates slowed this thread down 😂
  4. It’s not always about Xs and Os if you don’t have the jimmys and joes. Maybe last years Lincoln class was just overrated. I can’t answer why a much younger GC team played Danville better. But I can tell you it’s not always the coaches fault if the kids don’t perform.
  5. Playing for a district title and winning are special to some kids. And most kids get a great education no matter what local school they’re at. It’s not like we have out of this world jobs around this area that take a special degree. So I don’t get the fuss if parents want their kids to be winners even if it’s just competing for a district title.
  6. Then why speak of titles like Lincoln will be playing in one? Should have went to Boyle if you wanted a great education.
  7. Like I said Garrard County and Lincoln County are going in 2 different directions in football and I guess the same reason you moved to LC to play basketball instead of GC . It’s not like they’re winning a state title in basketball . Should have went down 52 or 150 right? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Besides the assistants and Foley I haven’t heard anyone else that’s interested.
  9. Sorry Bell won in 08 also . But my point is . Just because you get beat doesn’t mean you got “out coached” that easy to say from the stands.
  10. Coach Crutchfield didn’t have Jeff Hester on the sidelines either.. and if Lincoln couldn’t win with all that talent last year then when will they? Garrard also played a better game against Danville the week prior to Lincoln playing them with a lot less talent. So we can sit and point fingers all we want but the fact is, the kids loved playing for Crutchfield and that was evident. You can say he got out coached or what not . Does that mean Dudley gets out coached every year since Bell hasn’t won a title since 1990?
  11. If I’m not mistaken one kid who played for LC this year lived in Garrard County. So it wouldn’t be too much trouble for him.
  12. Will Dyehouse stadium always be your home? Parents want their kids to win and be successful. That’s what I wanted for my kids. It has nothing to do with my kids not attending the school I played for.
  13. I guess you didn’t watch the Bell County game last year when several underclassmen shined in the game. People like you only think they have Quisenberry because he’s one of the most talented players in the state. But that does overshadow Austin Adams , The Baker kid who’s one hell of a receiver , The running back who was out most of the year and only a Sophomore .. and not to mention big Mason Sula who’s probably the top lineman in the area and will receive D1 offers. Bell and Rockcastle lost A LOT. The Golden Lions will compete for the district title unlike Lincoln for the next 4 years or longer so why wouldn’t kids want to be apart of it?
  14. The programs look to be heading in 2 different directions if you ask me. Not really mind boggling when one team will compete for the district title the next few years and the other is rebuilding from one of the most talented senior classes in recent history.
  15. I know one that was a freshman who played quite a bit on both sides of the ball. Not sure on the other right now. And this is not hear say. Came strictly from an assistants mouth.
  16. Keeping the kids interested and buy into the new system. The community needs to support whoever they hire and keep the wheels rolling. As of right now I know of 2 kids that are transferring from LC to north on 27. Hopefully they can turn it around quick in Stanford because I know some that are losing patience.
  17. Great win by the Rebels. I was hoping the Ads would put more of a fight up.
  18. New sports facilities are in the process for the Golden Lions!
  19. If Foley is hired will Levi Rodgers stick around and be second fiddle again? It’s really hard for me to see him sticking around if he’s not the head man. Major slap in the face if you ask me.
  20. Weather has pushed it back another 2 weeks.
  21. Great game by the Rebels holding Lincoln to only 15 points in the second half!
  22. Look for Levi and possibly a few players to head north on 27 if the right guy isn’t hired. I’ve said from day one that if they don’t take a serious look at Levi he will end up with Crutchfield at Garrard County.
  23. I think Rodgers will eventually end up at Garrard County under Coach Crutchfield.
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