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  1. Probably would be good for someone else to get a shot...but that just doesn't happen too often when coaches have the dual role administrator/head coach hat.
  2. Anybody have any commentary on the game besides Coach Jones doing a good job? What strategies did he employ for the win? Was SK in foul trouble etc.? Saw this score this morning and was bewildered. SK in region now for something like 15 years and still hasn't won a region. So much for the easier path to Sweet 16 after getting moved to the 8th.
  3. Took in first game of the season. Games between these two usually find a way to to be interesting. However, I didn't think this one would be that close. SK needs to find someone to score besides Stamper; she scores inside like she's a post. I know they like to win with defense but you still need to score. Couple of other game thoughts; SK won on the scoreboard but the players sure didn't look like it. Not a whole lot of fun I guess trying to rebuild. WV coach came unglued at one point but didn't get a T. Biggest rant I've seen in a while that didn't result in foul shots; interesting.
  4. My buddy texting me updates said Walton pulled within 4 early in the 4th quarter after hitting 2-3 back to back threes and then they let SK hold it. If that's true, (trailing by 4 early in 4th) not sure why they would take pressure of SK? You have been looking for momentum during the game and then you let your opponent stop your momentum? Easy to second guess now but if you cut a 14-15 point lead down to 4, why do you take your foot off the neck? Always a proponent of not letting up.
  5. Not sure about kink in the armor but it seems like they have a little bit of an identity crisis for it to be late in the season. Who are the players who are going to play and who is coaching team? Substitutions were literally like a revolving door and way too many people coaching. Still time to get things worked out but now is the time. Campbell County played really well. Like someone said, they are really well coached. I don't believe their record matches the quality of the team. They had a few really bad turnovers; like ball into the bench and stand kind of turnovers. They take those away and they are in the game. Best I've seen SK get the ball into Meyer. She clearly had advantage and SK used it. Beyond getting the ball into her, they did take some bad outside shots but they seemed to score when they needed to. Fan of both schools and wish them both luck the rest of the way.
  6. This is Coach Steiner's 13th Year as Head Coach at SK. I hope he can turn things around; really didn't see them losing to Willamstown and Grant in same year going into this season.
  7. Stating the obvious but this is an absolutely horrible L for SK. I know W-town is scrappy and very well coached but you have at least two kids on SK who will be playing D2 ball and you lose to a school that only made the semi's of the 8th Regional All A. This program has had lots of talent and not won a regional title in over 20 years. 1995 maybe? Anyone know how long Coach Steiner has been there?
  8. Took this one in and what a great atmosphere and crowd. I don't remember the last time there were that many folks at the SK gym. Lots of energy from the Scott team; coaches and players....not so much on the SK side. Things just seem off with that program; almost stagnant and not going right direction. I don't see a ton of games but can't put my finger on it. I really didn't think the game was as close as the score. I left wondering why SK didn't get the ball into Kelch and Hawkens? Old fashion basketball 101. Clearly had a huge size advantage and they did nothing to exploit it. Kelch fouled Ohmer in the pics but it looked like nothing but a foul; not flagrant as it was called. If Ohmer pops up and goes to straight to the line, it was a shooting foul. With 8th Region refs working the game, my guess is they were not used to the theatrics; he's good at that and getting to the rim. All part of today's game I guess.
  9. 32nd look to be wide open this year. I knew Williamstown would be solid but Grant's early success has surprised me. Sounds like it was a great game.
  10. Again, what a game. Zoeller a fine player but appeared to try to do just a little bit too much last night which ultimately may have frustrated her some. The keeper strategy might be OK for a regular season tourney but just a little too much for a state semi's. Yates had a great game, let her tend and not kick. Can't help but wonder what effect thinking about playing goal played on Zoeller's miss. All easy to armchair today but one thing for sure, sometimes coaches can coach too much, especially with own and in big games. Again, all in all, looked to be a great game; one of those that too bad someone had to lose but it did seem like WJ was better skilled team and SK was more physical. Great season SK, best of luck WJ.
  11. SK used Yates AND Zoeller. They also relied on both to take kicks. Yates played a magnificent game, had to be a pretty tough decision to not let her be in the goal for all 5 kicks. Phenomenal game to watch even on the computer.
  12. Attended games on Saturday night. A wonderful venue; much better than WKU in my opinion. I really don’t get some of the negativity here, I was very impressed. I didn’t have to wait in line to park, got decent parking near arena and found a great seat. The concession stands had decent offerings at reasonable prices. The concession stand workers were friendly and quick. If they only would bring the ice cream machines from Rupp, I would have been set. :thumb: With my positive review, the only thing that I was a little surprised at is why I didn’t see more area players and coaches there. If I were a coach, I would have made that a team outing to see what it is like to get those dreams going for next year. My congrats to all those who made this tourney what seemed like a great one. Teams, KHSAA, BBT personnel
  13. Well said Clyde. Really kind of shocked that there is a debate. This should not happen; there's no coaching training or sexual harassment training that says this is probably OK if nothing is meant by it. No coach should slap the rear of any player no matter what the sex of the player or coach. If he's been doing this for 22 years, I'm shocked the principal or AD hasn't provided him proper direction on this. Wow! Look at it another way, can you imagine a supervisor slapping the rear of a female employee who just delivered an awesome presentation? No way; fired and probably sued.
  14. Meanwhile, back to the thread discussing the game. Congrats to Trimble. What a tourney they had; they seriously came to play and showed why they tip it up. I lost a friendly wager with some friends with the Trimble win. I didn’t think they had a chance but Trimble outplayed, outcoached and maybe most importantly “out supported” Simon Kenton. There’s a reason they call it a home court advantage and Trimble took advantage of many things that go along with a homecourt advantage. With Simon pressing Owen on Friday, I think they were expecting the same on Saturday as that had been their Achilles at times during the season. Simon went to it and it worked but it was a little too late. Best of Luck Raiders; keep it up.
  15. The 8th and 9th Regions are both as weak as I've seen. With that said, the 9th is still considerably better than the 8th this year. Think about the SK team w Owings an Company that never made it to state. Predicting a WV vs SK Final. SK winning in a close one.
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