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  1. Very surprised that Jtown is playing in the final. 1st year coach doing good things... I hope 3rd time is a charm and they beat Fern Creek tomorrow.
  2. It is from Fern Creek's coaching staff, not 100% sure if it was Coach Schooler, but in video, he is the most active...
  3. Can't really verify what coach said but ..... Ballislife - We got coaches calling players overrated...
  4. Something is weird about Ballard's schedule. Very long break in beginning of season & what seems like not a full schedule.
  5. Just did a little research to understand who Bassey is... Very interesting basketball world that is going on... St. Anthony coach Hennssy Auriantal dismissed after Charles Bassey controversy - San Antonio Express-News
  6. To be clear again... I believe something is still incorrect, either the Days or Dates.
  7. I thought he held offers during the season but I can see his path is going to be well traveled. Plus I couldn't find any information about Buckley Prep.
  8. If I am correct, it is all High School based teams that do their workout in the summer. Very good mixed of games.
  9. Fern Creek should take care of business. They are focused so far, so a 4th time shouldn't come into play especially at tournament time.
  10. To add more fuel to the fire... Kentucky bill would allow home-school students to play sports at public schools Kentucky bill would allow home-school students to play sports at - WDRB 41 Louisville News
  11. This will be round 3 for Ballard and Christian Academy this year. Ballard won round 1 (88-47 in Dec) & round 2 (73-58 in 28th District Championship).
  12. With the talent they had recently, they seem to can't get the job done. Coaching is more likely the issue as they should be in the same position as Fern Creek right now (Climbing to the top).
  13. CAL seems to be a great team in the 8th region this year.
  14. That is a good thing. I have no problem with higher standards.
  15. I would guess Doss as well. Reason being same School Principal that ran Morrow away from Jtown now presides as Doss.
  16. If using your "Lost to Ballard by 8" then you should also use beat some horrible teams (Iroquois team by 3, Jeffersontown team by 7, & Even KCD by 1 which is first game so I can understand a little). I can understand game match-ups can be tricky for different teams but you are putting Spencer on a higher mountain than they deserve at this time.
  17. A better idea of how good they will do should come when they play Eastern. I was just looking at the team but when I reviewed their schedule, they look to be consistent.
  18. Very perplexed..... If Spencer is suppose to be a top 5 team in the 8th Region. CAL is by no means a top/middle 7th Region team.
  19. I believe it would be contact as that is when clock officially starts (if dead ball).
  20. His High School teammate ( Best friend) plays at IUPUI ( Evan Hall)
  21. That makes 2 big Louisville area kids that was ruled ineligible. I am wondering if JCPS is starting to push the ISSUE.
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