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  1. Do these academies have tuition? Or are they run off sponsors, donations, etc?
  2. The athletic gene pool of this CCH team is quite outstanding. Looking at this alone, it is not surprising they won state. Here are some of the players family members (sorry if I left anyone out): Fredrick - dad Chuck, uncle Joe, aunt Maureen were all outstanding college players, and grandpa was a legendary coach ... Mayers - dad was an exceptional HS player and played college baseball, Uncle Rich was a college baller, Grandpa Maile was a college baller, and have a cousin that plays Major League baseball ... Walter - dad Joe played professional football ... Ruthsatz - dad played college ball, coached under a legend, and is becoming a legendary coach; brother played college ball and was MVP of a state championship ... Nick Thelen - mom and dad played college ball, brother played and coaches college hoops, sister plays college volleyball, uncle PJ played college ball, and grandpa played professional hoops ... Davin - mom played college ball, Uncles Chuck and Joe played college ball, and grandpa was a legendary coach ... Luke Thelen - dad played college ball, sister plays college volleyball, aunt, uncle and cousins played college ball and grandpa played professional hoops ... Deere - dad played college hoops ...
  3. CCH will be really good in baseball but wont have the pitching to advance far in the tournament.
  4. Congrats Colonels! 18 point win in the finals over a good team! Average margin of victory was 22 points! I'm impressed!
  5. CJ Fredrick was unconcious Friday! Fern Creek through their best defensive players at him. They clawed, grabbed, shoved, face guarded and did everything they could to shut him down and he still put up 30 against an amazing D in a game un which CCH didnt look to score for over a quarter...
  6. The refs actually were playing into Campbell County's hand with all the lame touch fouls in the 4th and they still lost.
  7. CHOKE! I have never seen a Camel choke before tonight - pretty interesting thing to watch!
  8. Are you already counting Oldham and Fern Creek out of tonight's games.
  9. Has potential to be a great game! In the 70 - 62 win that Fern Creek had on Dec 22, CCH was leading by 7 entering Q4. FC turned up the pressure in Q4 and CCH collapsed. FC also shot incredibly well from the field which will be hard to repeat. The bigger court shall help CCH with the pressure but may hurt them when FC starts to run. CCH has matured against the press but I think they need to get the guards occasional rest and do believe Disken and Luke Thelen offer good backups. Scoring in the previous game: Ruthsatz - 20 Fredrick - 13 Walter - 11 AJ Maher - did not play and should be a factor tonight Wickliffe - 21 - 72% from the field Price - 19 - 70% from the field Wales - 17 - 58% from the field CCH by 5+ tonight!
  10. CCH will continue to dominate the 9th next year. The only dfference is that they wont have a player averaging more than 16 a game. Instead they will win playing team ball and could have 4 or 5 players average around 10. This is exactly how they have gone undefeated in JV the last 2 years. Thelen, Maher, Fleek, Greene, Disken, and Davin are all capable of putting up 15 to 20 on a given night. I agree that Newport, Cooper, Dixie, and Beechwood will be the contenders.
  11. Lol, "only ineligible due to academics." Last time I checked, academics were pretty important in high school! How is he even playing at Trinity? CONGRATS TREVON!
  12. I dont agree. Any one of those players could sub in for CJ or Aiden and CCH would still have 2 guards on the floor. Plus Luke Thelen and Disken can easily manage point duties. If CCH doesnt rest their two primary guys a couple minutes each half it will be tough to win 4 games in 4 days!
  13. Colonels by 15+. My concern for CCH is that normally they dont rest Fredrick or Ruthsatz. They typically play deep into the 4th without any bench time. In order for the Colonels to win 3 or 4 more games, they will have to use their deep bench often in Rounds 1 and 2.
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