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  1. WOW. Hope the HHS vs CCH game will be a good one.....
  2. McGinness might have the best vision of the field of any back that I’ve seen since 1992 aside from Alexander the Great. If he had the size.... D1. NKY Gronk (Mayer) is unbelievable going up for the ball. They look like a well oiled machine. Who is better CCH 17 or 18?
  3. I ageee 1000%. That’s why I said hypothetically. What if it became the normZ I would love it. Traveling may be a concern. However I’m not the commissioner of the KHSAA. Not my problem. Lol.....
  4. Hypothetically.... How would everyone feel to do a two week State Championship Tournament? The winner of A play the winner of AA for Small School State Champs, AAA winner play winner of AAAA, play for Middle State Champs, and AAAAA winner play AAAAAA winner play for large school State Champs? Would this take away from winning your class and how would it impact the basketball programs keeping the kids from another week of their next sport?
  5. If McGuiness played full games his stats would be on top. I know his speed is a bit behind some others but his patience and field vision is top notch. Plus his hard running is top notch.
  6. Goodness. Reading this is giving me a panic attack on what my kids will be doing in High School. Maybe no pads at all until game day. If I recall right. Watch films on Saturday morning if we had a Friday night game, if a Saturday day game films on Monday and then full equipment after Mon thru Thurs if a Saturday game then Helmets and shoulder pads for walk through on Friday. If a Friday night game, Full pads Mon thru Wed and walk thru on Thurs. also had full equipment 2 a days for about 10 days with no dead period. Also had running program and agility program in the summer and had a winter lifting and agility program. Most played other sports so you would lift after your other practice. I know kids safety is most important but geez. How do you get in game condition if you can’t go full pads and have contact during the season..... Just my thoughts. Anyone else do something like I did 94 to 97?
  7. I think the weather will dictate the score allot. Depends if we have to run the whole game and not get to use our big receivers. Also don’t know how their run D is or how good their run O is. Could be interesting!
  8. They did the home games on FB live last year and the quality was pretty good. Just haven’t heard about this year yet. I guess if not I will just listen. Go Colonels!!
  9. Does any CCH folk know if CCH will be video broadcasting this Friday’s game? I was going to take the kiddo’s but with the forecast I’m not taking a 6 and 4 year old. I looked at their FB page but didn’t see anything posted yet. Just curious. Thanks in advance.
  10. Any new thoughts on this after another week of domination by the Colonels? The first team D has still not let a score against them and the offense is firing on all cylinders this early. I’m even asking about Playoffs? Boy do I wish CCH would have scheduled a big Louisville school or a GCL school this year. That way we can really see what they are made of.
  11. Sounds logical. If they call this game tonight do they play tomorrow or leave it as is since doesn’t affect playoff seeding?
  12. How many quarters have to be played for the game to be counted?
  13. Is this game immediately following the CCH/ HC game? Is it also streaming on Prepspin?
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