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  1. I actually think it was just the best. That senior class at all three schools (Lone Oak, Heath and Reidland) was strong both mentally and physically. Last year's team was what it looks like when a very strong senior leader group leaves. I think the coaches would echo that. The young group they have coming up now to a large degree knows what it takes because that first group pointed the way. Now whether they will ever reach that goal is a question since Tilghman looks to be extremely strong for the next few years and Marshall will be back near the top again. I would agree that expectations for last season were probably set too high based on the first year though.
  2. I would put Paducah Tilghman slightly ahead of Murray as the favorite. Tilghman and Murray both have a ton of experience and talent. Both could probably play with anyone in the state. I put Tilghman on top because of the two big-time younger kids Reed (soph) and Thomas (fr) that will just keep getting better and better. All reports say Thomas blew up this summer in AAU play and both are D1 talents for sure. This is probably the most talented Tilghman team since the state runner-up over a decade ago. After those two teams it's anyone's guess. Graves has the big kid Vogt back, Carlisle will have a strong class of seniors, McCracken will be better than people expect I think and Marshall County is Marshall County. But in the end the game to get to Rupp will most likely come down to Tilghman against Murray at some point in the Regional tournament.
  3. All things being equal I would pick Calloway here. I think Bowling Green is a good team but I also think Calloway is designed to handle what BG does very well. Since Calloway did have the late double ot game last night I think it makes that pick tougher. I will still go with Calloway in a very close one but not extremely confident due to fatigue.
  4. I think the same was said about McCracken against Bowling Green last year and if not for a banked in 3 McCracken probably wins that game. Region 1 underrated.
  5. I tried to tell you guys Calloway would be hard to beat. Region 1 is criminally underrated every year. Game in region 1 is played in the lane much more than the three point line and so it is no surprise they shot a lot of free throws. Same with McCracken and Wayne last year. Calloway will give Bowling Green all they want also.
  6. A few more nuggets on Calloway. They are coached by Terry Birdsong who coached Graves County for several years and had a lot of success. He has helped a talented bunch harness their potential this year. Most of Calloway's senior starters have played since their Freshman years and most were sophomore starters on team that lost close game to Graves in Regional Semifinal two years ago. Last year they beat McCracken both times during the regular season but then lost a close game to McCracken in the first round of the Regional tournament. McCracken then went on to win the Regional and defeat Wayne at state fairly comfortably before losing a close game in Final 8 to Bowling Green. This is a very experienced team that athletically will not have a problem matching up with Knott. Can they guard Justice? I don't know but Birdsong is an excellent defensive coach and I think he will figure out away to contain him. I repeat what I said earlier, anyone from Knott who thinks this will be an easy game will be in for a surprise. I think Calloway wins this game. Parker Adams is Calloway's best player and he can score inside and out. A physical player with good size and handle that is tough to match up with. They also have very talented senior Skyler Hunter who can also score inside and out. Two very tough matchups surrounded by experienced smart players. Should be interesting.
  7. Same scenario as last year. Underrated Region 1 team against highly rated Eastern team. McCracken handled Wayne County and Calloway will upset Knott. Calloway loaded with team full of talented seniors.
  8. McCracken being 9 and 12 at this point in the season is hard to believe. Very unexpected.
  9. Have thought for a while that Tilghman was a year away but beginning to think they may seriously challenge Calloway. And they are young. Dangerous for next few years now.
  10. I think it would be difficult to find 25 teams that are better than Calloway. First Region normally gets underrated by the rest of the state similar to McCracken nearly making the Final 4 last year while being rated the 16th best team at the Sweet 16. Calloway is really good and really experienced. If they make it to Rupp they will be a tough out.
  11. Top 3 have separated themselves a bit. Of the rest I would rank Graves 4th and McCracken, Carlisle and Marshall basically tied in 5th. The two Murray and Calloway regular season games will be interesting. Calloway remains the heavy favorite to go to Rupp.
  12. Missing from first region list at least off the bench. Eddie Norris, Delbert Shumpert, Phillip Hall
  13. Owensboro's point guard was the best player on the floor today. Really good looking player. Marshall got it close when Miller was in foul trouble. Really impressed with Marshall's effort though. Will be a tough out in the 1st region.
  14. McCracken looked inexperienced which is what they are right now. Might be a different game in February or March if it was to happen. Taking nothing away from Lincoln though. Really good team.
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