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  1. Should be a good match-up Friday night. I think PC is the better team, but they are not playing well at all the last few weeks. I am surprised by how badly the Wildcats have played the last few weeks. It seems as if Coach Simms who usually has his teams peaking at this point in the season is going in the wrong direction.
  2. PC has not played well in a few weeks and that does not bode well for the post-season and their match-up against Harrison County. They have all kinds of talent, but they have certainly under-achieved this season and perhaps were a bit overrated when the season began. Nonetheless they should have won more games then they have this season. PC has all the tools to make a run in post-season, but I have said this all season, they are not a very good offensive team. Their offensive game plan leaves a great deal to be desired. So much they could do with the weapons they have, but they insist on quick-hitters and the pick-n-roll game w/Monroe.
  3. Not seeding is crazy, but like mentioned in an earlier post, Nicholas County and Deming would be silly to ever vote for seeding. Bottom line is this: HC or PC will be 38th District Champs and some other district winner will have an easy first round game when they face either Deming or Nicholas County. I was able to watch the PC/HC game in Cynthiana last Friday and the score doesn't show how close the game really was. HC is well coached and have a very good team, but so does PC so in the end it comes to to players executing the game plan and who does that the best will be 38th District Champs!!!
  4. PC needs to find an offense in the worst way or they may not win another game this season. PC has 3 wins in their last 11 games and offensively are struggling badly! I never see them run an offense, so much talent and it is not utilized in the least!
  5. Cal full of himself is funny to me, some people just cannot be pleased.
  6. He is announcing Friday and all indications are that he will be choosing UK. This kid is for real, been watching him since he was a middle schooler and he played against my sons teams in some tournaments we were in. He can do many things on the court and will fit great into Cal's system. I would be shocked if he did not pick the Cats!
  7. I like PC to win this one in Falmouth Friday night. This is a big game for both teams, but I like that PC is at home and I feel they will get the W. Can Brossart handle the pressure that PC will put on them and can PC handle the bigs from BB? Those will be the two biggest questions that need to be answered to see who wins this game. This is the #3 and #4 ranked teams in the region, should be a good ole fashion barn burner.
  8. Not sure who the experts are, but that is what BGP is all about: sharing opinions about the sports we all love. Last night was a great win for PC, whether it was a let down or not for Woodford who really cares b/c at the end of the night the team wit the most points is the deserving team. Sound simplistic and easy, but its the truth. That's what is so great about sports, everyone has a chance at some point or another and they have the chance to seize the opportunity. PC did that last night as Woodford had ample opportunities to win that game.
  9. Is Juan Francisco not an option at 3rd next year?
  10. I love when UofL and Pitino lose, it just simply makes my day!!!
  11. Was able to catch this game tonight and it was a nice win for PC over a very good Woodford team. I have seen PC play a few times this season and I still question their offensive scheme and I think it will hurt them as the season goes on unless they change some things up. I am surprised by the number of easy shots they miss in the lane and they need to go to the rim harder then they do. They have a great amount of talent on that PC team, but not sure that the coaching staff uses the talent they have they way they should. I think this team needs to get up and down the floor more then they do, but I guess the staff likes what they are doing. Should be a good one Friday night against Brossart! Hope I can get off work and catch it, love 10th region HS basketball!
  12. Should be a good basketball game in all honesty. I will be pulling for the Devils in this one, however I think Coach Rinehardt (might not be correct spelling of last name) is doing a fine job at Nicholas County and they will reap the benefits very soon.
  13. 7-Mad. Southern 5-Henry Clay 3-Woodford County 2 Lexington Christian 1-Pulaski County TB-Lexington Christian
  14. Could not agree more with what you said. I have been shocked when I have seen them play this season. I think they are going in the wrong direction to be honest!
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