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  1. Should know better than to post before confirming--injury accurate but another camp says has not yet had repaired Whatever it is, Hate for this to happen
  2. Heard Jake had surgery for broken bone and quite a bit of blown ligaments--not confirmed but fairly reliable source. Hope he has a speedy recovery Great kid from a great family
  3. In No Ky the middle school teams--and now starting programs for 5-6 graders--follow the high school scheme. Ft Thomas-Highlands- has set the benchmark for success with that philosophy
  4. Congrats to an exceptional young man. The whole Colonel family is proud of Bradley's accomplishments.
  5. I think leaving Wed open for church activity is a great idea. In peewee football during the fall, Wed night was the non practice night. All the catholic churches also had CCD scheduled that night. It was nice that everyone just knew Wed was for church activity.
  6. Apparently they do not, Conner does, but from what I heard they did not want to schedule anything going into play off season
  7. I know it is not a "win" but was very pleased with outcome. Most of our players played the entire game, whereas X had fresh players when needed, in fact, multiple substitutes, for any one position. Colonel defense was on the field quite a bit, or at least it seemed that way-most of X's scoring came from long drives. Although Colonel TDs were passing, the wind made it more of a running day on the X side. Sad to see JV season end. Hopefully some more playing time at the Varsity level if our opponents comply. Thanks for always giving the JV a line or two.
  8. Our regular center was out==first game he played at center
  9. Of course I will take the Colonels in this match up==but really dislike this schedule: start out facing strong opponents, then heading towards play offs facing weaker teams.
  10. Absolutely Agree When we played last week-similar story, not one bit enjoyable to watch.
  11. Matt Schmall(sp) was injured last week and did not play at Beechwood/
  12. Yes Tony and todays theme is of course "bird hunting":scared:
  13. I won a contest then retracted after I got my prize so to make it legit......and a bonus prize!!!! Colonels win at home
  14. I agree with WnS There is just something about this game!!! Smelly or not...:dancingpa
  15. Last year's thread on this game had HHS winning by 2127-yeah I love to exaggerate- and it ended up quite a bit closer and a fantastic game to watch. Hoping this year will also be a great match on the gridiron and who knows...miracles happen :lol:
  16. C-boy is correct for last year--2 teams with best record in each division play off. In last year's case, it was supposed to be decided with coin flip, but in fairness to 2 teams with same record had a play off. I agree they should go back to a 4 team play off.
  17. Hey there Chester, heard about Harry, just got back from the arm-y.....
  18. Thanks TOG Quite happy with the result--my lineman--not so much!:laugh:
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