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  1. Generals have another tough schedule and graduate arguably the two best players to come through - Myles Hurst and Solomon Isaacs. However, they have a decent young nucleous that will benefit from starting the last few years coming up. If they can get their numbers around 35-40 and create some depth they can be a tough team! Key players Isaiah Baker, QB, Derek Dunn, Jeff Isaccs, Dylan Martin to name a few. God Speed to the Generals!
  2. Russ Shearer would be an ideal candidate. He lives in neighboring Jackson County....minutes from the school.
  3. Generals win on the road. Beat Morgan Co. for the first time.
  4. Wayne 35-14, they are very good. They fumbled the game away against Bryan Station.
  5. Congratulations to my good friend Coach Ford and McCreary Central!
  6. Coach Shaw is the man. Great human being, coach and mentor to the youth. I hope the Generals of Lafeyette get that title this year!
  7. Somerset looked really good at the 7 on 7 at North Laurel. I think Somerset is poised to have a breakout year! Good coaches, nice athletes with experience and depth equals good things!
  8. I agree with you completely! We grow these young men up too fast now a days. Next step is big time middle school stadiums ....
  9. Coach Shaw is great coach and man! The General's return a lot of talent and should make a return to the finals but have a tough road for sure. UK commit QB Walker Wood is a real deal dual threat QB, coupled with a solid line including a 5 star young man the ceiling is high for the Generals! District play will be tough and Scott County and Simon Kenton will be strong as well! God speed Coach Shaw and the Generals!
  10. AreLinz: Bro let it go now. Guru was just giving a shout out to a young man who ran a nice high school 40 time - nothing more, nothing less. It is nice to see a young man digging and working! I am proud of this young Titan -keep chopping!
  11. Jackson County has a challenging schedule and tough district. The young men and one young lady have been working extremely hard. They are good young people who represent the game and their community well! Not sure how many games they will win, but I do know they will be prepared, leave everything on the field and make the people of Jackson County very proud! Coach Dalton has this program heading in the right direction and their newly established youth teams will only help the program grow. It takes time, patience is the key in McKee. There is a process in place ....eventually the hard work will pay off. GO GENERALS! Attack and win the Day!
  12. man why you throwing Jackson Co. under the bus bro 😰
  13. Train wreck? Coach Ford is one of the best up and coming head coaching candidates around. He is a good guy, teacher and coach. The program will grow leaps and bounds under his leadership. Great hire!
  14. Worse loss for me was when we played Belfry in the first round of the playoffs several years ago. It was one of those No. 1 seed against the last seed playoff games with us being last. The game was close before the opening kickoff. A minute into the game the nail biter was busted wide open by Belfry....we lost 42-6.....fellas I am telling you I think about that game every second of my day. At least four times a week I break out in cold sweats and can't eat or sleep...😜😂
  15. Any word on this job? I am sure the players and parents are getting anxious.
  16. Excellent post Harry- outstanding. I can't speak about all these coaches but I can speak on Coach Sharp and Coach Lucas knowing them personally. Outstanding coaches who consistently maximize the the talent they have year and year out!! Both coaches will go down as the best head coaches in their respective schools histories in my humble opinion. Every coach will have down years based on the athletes they have or don't have. Good coaches get the most out of the players they have. That is the mark of good coaches. You have complied a good list!
  17. ^^ your right snakes. He had a solid campaign at Caverna all while driving an hour and half one way from Somerset. Caverna really dropped the ball not getting him a job in the building. The kids and parents absolutely loved him. He would have built a solid program there. If he applies Hart would be wise to give him a serious look.
  18. I am not sure he would apply but Somerset OC Lucas Ford would be a great hire. He was Head Coach at Caverna in 2014 and gave Coach Boone his only loss to Caverna. Not sure he wants to comeback to the area but if he did he would build a solid program. Great teacher and coach!
  19. I have a friend who has been trying to contact the principal per her instructions via email or phone regarding the head coaching job. He has tried both for over a week with no return message. Not sure what is going on there.
  20. ^^ Good points. I agree. Not a Top 10 team but definitley Top 15.
  21. I would put Adair County somewhere in the Top 10. Not sure where but they will have a very nice team returning.
  22. Despite all the doomsday reports on this thread I have no doubt Bell Co. will be who they always are - tough nosed mountian boys who love to bust team's in the mouth who underestimate them. I venture to say the doomsday people will only fuel their fire! I expect Bell County to have another great year despite all the distractions because at the end of the day it is the players who line up Friday night that get it done. Bell County has players that can get it done! Coach McCreray landed a good job with great parental support!
  23. I am a coach. I don't separate my faith from who I am. My belief in the finished work of JESUS Christ and how He desires my life to be ordered play out in every facet of my existence. Over the years I have made adjustments to my approach. Previously, I led post game prayer, and various team ministries. Now I fade into the background and watch students lead it all. Coaches of faith have to adjust and realize the anti- Christian movement in our country wants to eradicate any threat to their continued march toward relative moralism - everyone does what is right in their own eyes...no standard for right and wrong. Any religion or ideal that establishes firm objective standard's for morality and truth will be pushed into the margins, with total elimination as the end goal. Therefore, coaches need to "be wise as serpents and harmless as doves," otherwise they will lose any influence they have in the public school. Coaches also have to know thier rights. The Restoration of Religious Freedom Act, allows people of faith to live out there faith without a substantial burden placed on them. Schools dangerously come close to violating this law. Bottom line, the world hates JESUS for the most part. We live in a time when Christianity's influence is waning in the USA like other countries. The good news is the sheep and goats are being separated and the gates of hell will not ultimately prevail. Nominal Christians will cave into the insurmountable pressures, while the true sheep will keep chopping no matter the cost! If Coach Graham has been suspended for His faith and witness for Christ I stand firmly in his corner as a fellow coach and brother in Christ! Following Christ will cost you something! What are you willing to lose?
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