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  1. What does Mccreary Central need to do to continue improving? Be positive.
  2. A pretty large portion of Somerset's team is comprised of football kids, one of them is the 4 man Collin Hartmann who has some interest from some pretty big time football programs - Ohio State, UK, Louisville, WKU, Georgia Tech, Tennessee among them. Bunch of tough kids, grats on the win BJN
  3. Thats rigged with Coach Clev on the staff! Just giving you a hard time Wireman, a D Line with Hartmann and Hill on it is one I WANT TO SEE!
  4. Defensive End Collin Hartmann of Somerset was selected, I'm not certain the rosters have come out officially yet.
  5. He’ll be playing with Wheatley (LCA) and Hartmann (Somerset)... lot of talent in that little 2a district.
  6. I know Vancleave made the roster for the best of the bluegrass game, will he be attending? I think that will give a decent gauge as to whether he can compete with fairly high level collegiate talent... I am banking on that being a strong yes.
  7. All three of those guys are fantastic players, congrats. UK visiting Collin Hartmann from Somerset as well (6'5 260 DE) i'm told, we'll see how that goes. Vancleave can play for anyone with that speed, I am SO glad he's graduating!
  8. It’s tough to be a good team in a great district. Somerset loses some play makers but based off what they return they’ll likely have a strong say in the district next year. Beat the eagles guys, good luck the rest of the year.
  9. Among the big names I believe LCA has one of the easiest paths. The two seed from district 7 is the place to be. The northern side has some good teams, the southern side has LCA, Danville, and probably a long shot but Somerset is tough. LCA will have to beat Danville or Somerset, then win a game against an NKY team like Lloyd, NCC or Walton. I hate to take shots at other programs but LCA basically gets a bye til regional play. For Danville or Somerset to come out of the east and win it they will have to play 4 top ten teams starting week 2 of their playoff run.
  10. They got a few people back last night but have had some season ending injuries throughout the year. Just getting more work in with those guys has helped id guess. Ads have a good football team. Vancleave may be one of the fastest human beings on the planet. Jumpers did a good job with Donleavy, that was kind of expected since their interior 7 is really good but when vancleave got loose nobody was catching that kid.
  11. You try way too hard not to be a homer. Lets see how the Jumpers play against the next three opponents, maybe they can compete and maybe they can't... It wasn't THAT long ago that Somerset was dominating the district, so its obviously possible.
  12. We each have our own opinion, I'll stand by mine. It's not that bourbon has a bad team, Somerset is just really good at all levels of their defense when healthy; I think that has at the very least been proven in the 5 games since the Death Valley bowl.
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