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  1. Sure would have liked seeing the Shumate boys playing for their uncle!
  2. I was at the Indiana State finals on saturday for the 3A and 4A games. Yes it was the same old story. I do not want to call the Indiana schools just private, but parochial schools. This has long been a problem in Indiana football. I coached there from the early 90's until 2007. At one time the parochial schools were forced to play up a class, then that went away. I know that the Indiana football coaches association has an upcoming vote to require all state champions to play up a class the following year except obviously the 5A class. Will be interesting to see if it passes!
  3. I thought I heard in the Spring that Travis Ford at Oklahoma St. had made an offer.
  4. Can we get to Ludlow bromley yacht club from here!
  5. No need to bow down to me! I KNOW I am a football god!
  6. Dr. Frankensteins attempt at making the perfect football player failed miserably!
  7. Cruse has the talent to be the BEST! player in the 9th region if he wants to be,( along with Hatton) I just question if he has the want to!
  8. There are so many reason why things change in sports programs from middle school to high school it is crazy to try and even compare. 1. Some kids move from one program to another before high school. 2. Some kids plain and simple quit, I coached for nearly 20 years and the best two middle school players I ever saw dropped out of high school by their junior years. 3. Coaching has a small part in it, such as player developement, but once again the player has to put out the effort to develope himself. 4. Some varsity programs have coaches who just plain cannot be head coaches, they interview well, get the job, but cannot relate to the players and they do not have success. One could go on and on. But in my opinion, the biggest factor is a players desire to keep playing and to get better. It is the biggest factor hands down and there is not even a close 2nd!
  9. Never too early to scout! The more info you have the better. I know team that have scouted practices! albeit illegally!
  10. The Beechwood player is Cory Cruse, Heard that he visited "OLE Miss" this summer and they showed some interest in him, but wanted him to bulk up a lot!
  11. Old Guy, PM me and let me know where this was at. I would love to stop by and have a discussion with the coaches concerning safety of the players.
  12. I think there are some coaches who are not certified teachers. Some schools hire in coaches in non-certified positions such as study hall supervisors, alternative/discipline supervisors etc. That way they are at least in the building. I think that is few and far between nowadays but it use to be the case quite often.
  13. The main factor is finding a coach who can fill an open teaching position in the school. I think they are determined to have the coach be in the building. This does not always mean that the best coach will get the job, but the best fit for the school does.
  14. FYI, Shumate is either 47 or 48, I think he has some underwear that is 42 years old! :dancingpa Congrats to Rick, and to South Dearborn great fit for both!
  15. South Dearborn school is not even on the same level as Beechwood. the gym seats nearly 4,000. Has an aux gym and two other gyms in one of the other schools on campus! At Beechwood the varsity boys program would get bumped out of the gym by the Ft. Mitchell rec leagues on saturdays.
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