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  1. How many did she have in the second meeting with the Rock?
  2. Sara was a beast on the court. She truly dominated the Madison Central inside game. She looked like a Ms. Basketball to the full extent last night!
  3. Actually Angie Lawrence has received several LOI's from D-1 schools, such as Kennesaw State, Georgia Southern,and Jacksonville. All the other LOI's are from D-2, D-3 or NAIA schools. According to her family, the only offers she has had are from D-2, Coker College in South Carolina and NAIA- Georgetown College.
  4. Yea, they are not as good without Hammonds in the game but there have been several time when she has been in foul trouble and others have stepped up. When they played Clay Co., after she went out of the game they actually increased their lead. We won't win a state championship without her but these girls are a little above average even without her IMO.
  5. The tough schedule is just starting. The only possibly easy games will be Pulaski and McCreary Central, if they will even be easy.
  6. She had 43, I think, in a scrimmage against Rockcastle earlier this year!
  7. Wait and see how Casey and pulaski does against Rockcastle then do your posts.
  8. Does anyone have the details on this tournament? I couldn't find much of anything in the Herald Leader. I think Rockcastle won the tournament but thats about all I know.
  9. I thought Rockcastle had an easier schedule than last year but after reading these posts I may have underestimated their schedule. Franklin Co., Clay Co., E-Town, Madison Central and the tourney down in Tennessee looks like some tough teams.
  10. Wow, should be an interesting game when Rock goes there in a few weeks.
  11. Danay is a scorer, will be a 2 in college. I like everything about her game except her attitude in some instances. She has been known to get rattled easily and that will have to change in college. I think all these girls that have been mentioned have some type of fault or another but I base Fothergill's ability to score which makes her stand out a little above Coffman.
  12. Fothergill might disagree with you Rebel on Coffman being the third best in the region. I would argue a little also. Coffman is a very nice player but a little sporadic in her play. We will see how she does if the load is on her shoulders without Pittman.
  13. When this senior class were coming up in middle school, they won 70+ games and lost only 3. Sara was a very large part of that. But there was a hand full of games where she was on the bench in foul trouble and the other kids stepped up. I shouldn't say stepped up because they were a good bunch already. The same has happened at the High School level. There have been enough good players to not lose alot when Sara comes out of the game. Don't get me wrong, Sara is the best player to ever come out of Rockcastle IMO, but I wouldn't say the other girls are just average players. Angie Lawrence will play ball in college and Michaela Hunter will either play BB or run track in college. You have a couple more athletic girls that could possibly do other things in college like swimming, cross country, etc...
  14. I would seriously look at the attitude and demeanor of the kid. There is definitely something wrong with this story. A lot of colleges will stop talking to you if your attitude is bad,(ex.- bad teammate,etc...).
  15. Some players aren't as good as they're hyped up to be. Moss is the real deal. She is a very athletic wide body with the best hands I have seen in a high school kid. Hammond from Rockcastle has good hands but not as good as Moss.
  16. The big girl from Montgomery has a broken foot. I don't know when she will be back. I think her name is Spense.
  17. The latest I heard about Sara is that now UCONN could be neck-n-neck with louisville. I guess I may have to eat my words but I thought it was a done deal with Louisville. I'm tickled for her and her family! They will possibly move to Connecticut if she decides to go there! That is the latest rumour going around.
  18. I heard everything went splendidly! Dinner at Coach Geno's house!!! How's that for impressing a recruit? Then she watched the Olympic team!
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