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  1. I know some of you will not like this but it is true. Lincoln needs a new Head Coach. If Settles don't do something this year I think he will be gone. This Class will have 4 years with his system. So lets see what he does with it this year.
  2. Lincoln's D has got to have it's best game of the year this week and the O-Line needs to dominated the line of scrimmage if they do this it will be a good game with Lincoln on top, If not a long night. Good luck boys. GO BIG L
  3. This was a good win for Lincoln! If we can dominated the line of scrimmage next week its a big W. Good luck boys.
  4. #32 is the fullback and a great kid, but #7 and #5 have better hands and more speed so why not use them more for that? but I will say #32 has a heart like no other and will bring the wood to you ever time, I'm not trying to taking anything away from him at all he is a great team player. And that play worked great but we don't use it like we should, I think we only used it one time last Friday. And the QB thing why did it take that long to make that change?? Not taking anything away from #5 he did a good job at QB, He also is a great team player. As a mater of fact I spoke with Austin's (#5) dad and he said that "he would play anywhere, what ever the coach asked him to do, he don't care, he just wonts to do what's best for the team". He also said "Austin was OK with the switch he loves running and catching the ball and making big plays". If #4 ,#5, #7 and #32 could get help from the line like they did last week, Lincoln will score points, if not it don't mater who's in the backfield or at QB. And I think #54 will be back at center next week. Those moves were because of some sickness. I also do think if #54 is not getting the job done next Friday he will be out.
  5. Good job Lincoln, I wish Lincoln would use #5 more. They only had two pass to him all night, one was not catchable the other pass to him went for 25 or 30 yards, If the ball had been better throne ball it would have been a TD. They could also use him in the backfield, With the one two punch.(#7 and #5) Or have #5 or #7 coming out of the backfield for a pass. I think if the coaching staff can get it together Lincoln will be fine....
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