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  1. Elliot Stabler. Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Show is not the same with him.
  2. Congrats on Holy Cross winning state it is a great accomplishement and also great to see one brought back to NKY. However no need to diss Beechwood. The majority of Beechwood fans were rooting for you guys. They respect you and you should have a mutual respect considering they have 11 titles and Holy Cross has never beaten them. Again congrats and best of luck going for number 2 next season.
  3. As Coach Buckett pointed out, F-Fort keeps it interesting the first half, then they seemed to lack the depth to go the other half.
  4. As it has been said many times Beechwood is not allowed to move up to 2A. And I highly doubt the Tigers enjoy these games much considering the out of district schedule with teams like CovCath, Dixie, SK, and many others. Every one of the Tigers nondistrict games have been at the smallest 2A. Also just two years ago the score of the regular season Bellevue game was pretty close so Bellevue still has enough talent to keep it competetive every few years.
  5. I say yes. Maybe start with a two season agreement. It seems New Cath and Cov Cath are usually on an even keel with each other every season and Cov Cath plays Highlands. It has been said on here before, you should play better teams to get better, within reason of course.
  6. I do not agree with CCH dropping Beechwood from their schedule. Most years CCH is not out of Beechwood's league. What always got me was CCH thinking they were in the same league as the GCL south. It is not like they were getting players injured, or losing by 30 at the half. The turnovers have to stop for Beechwood, even if it means putting in one of the other stud running backs they have waiting on the sidelines. The huge O-line is what dominated this game for CCH. To say the Tiger's have no run defense is not exactly true. As far as people standing, if the bleachers were raised a little higher this would not be a proplem. I would assume this was a bigger turnout of fans than a normal Saturday game. With all of the nice things CCH has done to their campus in the last few years, one would think both home and visitor side stands would have been upgraded by now.
  7. If Beechwood starts out like they have in the last two games, it may be difficult. I look for these mistakes to be corrected this week.
  8. I , know this has been an issue on her before, but Schwartz, and Thompson switching roles has been the key. Thompson seems to be a hard nosed runner with good hands. I can't help but wonder how good Scwhartz would have been if he would have been the QB the last two years. Several other Rebel players stepping up as well, I think and hope they will be the top of NKY 6A.
  9. The Tiger's will be ready to play however, the Indians put up a good fight every time they play each other.
  10. I would think that senior; Cy Smith would be the QB, but I am an outsider looking in.
  11. Hold on Crunch before you leave, if your comment was directed at my post then maybe you should read it again, "LAST SEASON'S ROSTER". Unless you or someone on the team tells you his weight that is all I have to go by until the new roster comes out. If this was not directed at me then my apoligies. BTW your right, this thread has ran it's course.
  12. Last season's roster has him at 6' 1", 184 lbs.
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