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  1. Some snaps. That would be it in my opinion. If he is at QB he could go anywhere. Plus the ball is in Harris' hand a second or two quicker. Makes all the difference for a kid like that. Look at the other games. Against Corbin, nip and tuck until he was at QB then bam in the end zone two times to seal the game. Vs. Harlan County at QB in wildcat, 4 TD's. Someone else handing to him, no TD's and not very many yards.
  2. GRC is better off with Harris taking snaps in the gun for the majority of the game. There are way more options for him there. Thus making him way harder to defend.
  3. Can't say it is 100% true, but I hear they have a countdown on board in the weightroom until the number of days to play HC labeled days until revenge, so those dunderheads can regain the district crown.
  4. I don't know the guy or anything about his coaching ability. He may be able to coach circles around most area coaches. But I just find it funny that high school hiring comittees are so impressed by all this college GA and college assistant stuff. Sometimes those types are the biggest failures in high school football. Completely different world.
  5. Tennessee hands out 6 plus a private title I believe. VA hands out 6 titles in their three classes. You researched some but not enough. Those aren't the only states in America that you listed too. You can take samples and twist them any way you want.
  6. There are many states with similar populations that have just as many classes.
  7. If you check scores from other states, they are somewhat comparable to our finals. There are many blowouts. I was watching a Washington state final and the score was 49-0 in the middle of the second quarter. Sometimes superior teams are just that, superior. I think the KHSAA is happy with what we have now and that is the way it will be.
  8. I think some people have different views on the getting more people part.
  9. Not going to engage in debate about socio-economic theories and philosophies . I was not critcizing our county or trying to do it a disservice. I am from HC, and I can tell you I love this place. Definitely did not mean to sound as though I was downing it any way. As someone said above, the game will be decided on the field. All they'll have to do is look across the field to find us also buddy.
  10. People in Harlan County are always against it pal. You have no idea. Most of our kids can only dream of having the things that most of yours have. That is what drives them. It was not meant to be intimidating. It was intended just to state that HHS will not get the carpet rolled out for them in Harlan County. We respect what they have done, but won't be bowing down to anyone.
  11. You won't get free reign Friday night (Maybe a little free rain). You will not get the red carpet treatment. You'll get dressed in a dungeon under the bleachers that will be wet and cold. Don't worry though. About 20 people can fit comfortably. Maybe your starters and coordinators and head coach can fit in there before the game. The music will be so loud in your ears that you won't like it. If you are lucky the sewage won't be backed upwith its remnants on the floor. Luckily, though if you have to use the restroom there are couple of port-o-johns outside the fence. Just a few things for you to look forward to Friday night. It will not be comfortable and will not be what you have been used to. Have a nice trip. There's no place like home.
  12. When you get to Harlan coming off 119 from Pineville the traffic lights are numbered. Go to light 12 and turn right. You can't miss it from there.
  13. In repsonse to birdsfan As many have stated before, we so need a sarcasm font. There are some guys on another site who constantly refer to their LB as Jesus Christ. I just did not want anyone to think HC people were that arrogant.
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