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  1. Question? Not all that familiar with the big time AAU teams but from what I understand these players receive gear and shoes from the sponsors. Can someone explain to me how that is acceptable?
  2. If soccerama is supposed to rotate schools each year why would Dixie be the host school again? Didn’t the Dixie coach cause an issue last year
  3. Make sure you walk down to the lake, can't remember the name of it. There is a hotel on the lake that is awesome. Have a drink on the back patio. We were there a couple of years ago. There was a good BBQ place on the right side of the road as you are headed into Cooperstown
  4. Can someone please explain/elaborate on how Krumps does not "respect or encourage" his players?
  5. Come on Cooperdad let us know what the outcome is don’t run and hide
  6. No need to say "Union" your name says enough.
  7. Some have mentioned giving the name of the coach. Isn't obvious that it must be a school in Union that has a new coach this year!
  8. Ball nerd you sound like you have an axe to grind with the coach, bitter parent?
  9. bballnerd enlighten us on what the issues are at Cooper?
  10. I dont have any according to what it says? cant figure it out
  11. Yes, Really??? If you are the self appointed official book then yes do your job and leave it at that.
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