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  1. Anyone know the pitching matchup tonight for St. Henry- Lloyd?I heard Kuebbing was not pitching and I heard Brown was not either.So I assume Moilter for Lloyd and Lacorte for St. Henry?????
  2. I was sitting up the third base line and didnt have a good veiw.But from my angle I think the ump overreacted on this play.Is it just me or has the umping this year been sub standard?I thought this was a good game for a fan to watch but in my opinion both teams played very sloppy baseball.
  3. Well I cant say I remember you but you know my name.So my best guess is you were one of those dads sitting behind me telling me how great your son is.So if that makes me a jerk so be it.
  4. Cov Cath Beechwood Ryle Conner Dixie St. Henry Highlands Ncc
  5. I see no benifit in throwing his name out there.But trust me my facts are correct.
  6. Also Mr Glass is half full.Let me pose a question to you since your a Jug man.My wifes nephew is a player on Lloyd JV TEAM so I happen to know quite a bit about the team.What would you do if a senior captain of the team was invited to go to dinner with the rest of the team and declined.Than had the nerve to show up at the same restaraunt with guys from the St. Henry team who he plays summer ball with.NICE CAPTAIN RIGHT LOL
  7. Thursaday to Tuesday is 4 days rest here in the real world not 4.93 or whatever you came up with.According to your handle your a fan of Lloyd.So Mr. glass is half full give me 1 positve thing in throwing your ace 90 pitches and then have him come back on 4 DAYS REST to pitch districts?And if you read all my posts you will see I had Lloyd as my darkhorse this year and I still think they can win that district they have some solid players.I think its now or never for them.They lose Brown,Stevens and a few other seniors whos name escapes me right now.
  8. So Brown pitced 6 plus innings in a meaningless game and if he had 10 ks im guessing he threw 100 pitches.And now he has to come back and throw districts.This is what ive said all along about the coaching and pitcher management at Lloyd just doesnt make sense to throw your ace 100 plus pitches 4 days before districts in a game that means nothing????? But im sure the coaching staff at St. Henry have no complaints lol
  9. Did Fogal play? You stated tough way to lose but gave no details.How did they lose?
  10. Thanks for the numbers.I was at all the games you mentioned and by your handle I assume you were also.In the 2012 game yes the score was 2-1 in the 7th when Brown left but you forgot to mention he walked the bases loaded before he was taken out.I blame that on poor coaching.But your right this should be one of the better first round games in the region.I have been told Kuebbing will not pitch.I hope that is wrong.
  11. Uncle or dad really doesnt matter.And if you checked your facts you would see in those 7 wins it includes wins over Highlands,NCC and Brossart 3 pretty darn good hitting teams.I would no doubt give him the start.Plus St. Henry has teed off on Brown and know him very well give them a new look.Defination of insanity trying the samething over and over again and expecting a different result,Numbers dont lie Brown 0-3 in district semi games all against St. Henry......
  12. According to your handle you must have some insight.Who do you think will pitch?
  13. I wouldnt call St. Henry a underdog in this matchup.I would say they are pretty even on paper.In fact I would take St. Henry in a match up if Kuebbing was on the hill.
  14. I heard different.I heard Kuebbing didnt come out the Dixie game in real good shape.I think Coach Pedicord made a huge mistake by rushing him into that game when Lacorte struggeled.It worked short term but it really set him back.I dont think Coach P will jeapordize the young man to win a district high school game my bet is Larote will throw against Lloyd.Just my opinion.
  15. Its really going to be intresting to see who Lloyd starts in the district semi against St. Henry.Brown has lost 3 straight district semi games and has not pitched well at all this year or the younger Moilter who is on a 7 game winning strek but only a sophmore.I would throw the kid but since Browns uncle is the pitching coach I would say Brown gets the ball. Another intresting match up will be Ryle and Cooper.Cooper has underacheived this year but Ryle has a history of losing the big game and if Dunn gets the ball and Cooper plays defense I think they can pull off a upset.
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