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  1. Bell must be the favorite in this game. If Rockcastle is to have a chance they must spread the field on Bell, if they do I think they can run the ball, but if they allow Bell to put 9 or 10 men in the box I don't think they can move the ball.
  2. Rockcastle scored 41 could have scored 60 and they were playing a #2 seed.
  3. I think that is the most total points in one game I have ever heard.
  4. I guess they left their starters in because they knew it was over, but did not want it to be 41-6 or worse. I only counted 34 kids dressed for Rowan Co., I wonder if they don't dress freshmen.
  5. This game was won(as most games are) at the line of scrimmage. The Rockets just took it to them, it was 41 - 6 in the 3rd when the starters started coming out of the game. Rockcastle must have had 400 yds. on the ground, when Coach Parkey spread it out with 3&4 wide outs and sometimes 5 it made it much easier to run the ball. Most of the yardage was compiled without Big Thacker, who went down in the 1st quarter with an ankle, hope he is okay for next week. DeBoard did a good job filling in for #50.
  6. Good luck the rest of the way HoP. I have to go with the Rockets in this one. The Rockets are better than 4 & 5.
  7. #50 did a good job, but the beasts for the Rock were #82 & #63, they combined for 25 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 int., 1 blocked p.a.t., 2 catches and numerous blocks for #20. Good job! Hang in there boys you are much better than 4 & 5, get hard for the play-offs.
  8. It took the 1st quarter for the Rockets to solve #23, but after that it was over. The Rocket line dominated on both sides of the ball.
  9. I know one thing for sure Tom had rather do anything other than beat his son.That being said Tom will coach his heart out, but I will give the nod to Chris.
  10. I agree Rico is an excellent player, but the Rock was on last night, I hope Cole Abney is as much of beast next week as he was last night, The whole team looked very good. Good luck against Knox next week.
  11. I hope Coach Chris can pull another victory off Friday night, but I'm afraid Corbin may be too much for the Jags to handle.
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