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  1. Why is my account disabled?

  2. South Oldham is pretty good team from what my friends in that area tell me, should be a good match up. I think they had 3 players make the Best of the Bluegrass team.
  3. How well do the south Oldham fans travel, Pulaski County will have a packed house on their side of the stadium. Should be a great night weather wise mid 50's and sunny most of the day.
  4. I think everyone outside of the Pulaski county/somerset area gets caught up in the "Pulaski doesn't have Riley Hall theory" He was no doubt a Outstanding player and even better individual, but with that being said the Maroons returned alot of starters on both sides of the ball including Mr> Football candidate Jake Johnson and these seniors have played in big games all their careers. They have several play-makers on both sides of the ball- its no surprise that they made it to the State semi-finals once again.
  5. They ran a good man and coach out the door and let him conduct spring practice and all the other things he was doing to better the program, then the last week of school they tell him they are going in a different direction, shameless 4 coaches in 4 years -that's on the administration not the coach.
  6. I would say baseball will take the biggest hit, rawlings makes really good baseballs , that's their bread and butter.
  7. I wont give a grade but will say what other rural county school can say they have been to 3 straight championship games plus in the past 3 years have played 45 games the max allowed for HS football in KY, the only other two schools that can say that is Mayfield and Belfry
  8. Not going to grade but think about this, name another rural county school that has been to three straight championship games. also those kids have maxed out the 45 games in a three year period only three schools Pulaski county, Mayfield and Belfry have done that in the last 3 years.
  9. That is because Pulaski is a football school, they held back for football not basketball in most cases.
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